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0 How to Check Whether a Contact was Blocked You or Not in Whatsapp

             Nowadays WhatsApp is the most using mobile number based messenger among the world. Using a low bandwidth internet connection you can chat with anyone who has on WhatsApp.

There should be a demerit for any technologies. Misusing is the main demerit or problem of any technology. Here WhatsApp is also misused by harassing others. So WhatsApp allows users to block anyone. If you block someone on WhatsApp, then he/she can’t chat with you. Like this if someone blocked you, then you can’t chat/call with him.

If someone blocked you, how can you understand that you was blocked?

Understand Whether Blocked You or Not

Here are some tips to check whether a number blocked you or not in WhatsApp

Primary Methods:

  • Profile Picture:
If someone blocked you, then you can’t see profile picture.

*Problem of this method:
Any one can hide their profile image from others. So you can’t make sure that he or she has blocked your by looking profile picture only.

  • Status:
You can’t see status of contact who blocked you.

*Problem of this method:
Like hiding profile picture, every once can hide their status from others. This is also not a proper way, but this have 50% of success.
  • Last seen and online texts:
If a person is available on WhatsApp, then we can see he as ‘online’, if he is not online then we can see his last presence time as ‘last seen’.

*Problem of this method:
We can hide these texts from others.

Read more about hiding last seen, status and profile picture

  • Ticks:
If you send a message to someone, you can see a one tick. If the message was delivered, then you can see two ticks. If it read, then tick colour changed to blue.
*Problem of this method:
If he/she has no internet connection, then you can't see such ticks.

Secondary Methods:

If above two methods are positive, that means you can’t see profile picture or status.  This is also a another method.

  • Make a WhatsApp call:
You can make WhatsApp call who has this facility, and you can’t make WhatsApp call with a person who blocked you.

You might get any error messages like this:

Unable to receive WhatsApp calls at this time
unable to receive whatsapp calls at this time

*Problem of this method:

You also can’t make WhatsApp call during this condition:
           -  Sometimes you may call with blocked person.
           -  He or she has not a WhatsApp call facility mobile phone.
           -   His or her phone is not updated to get WhatsApp call.

Ultimate Method:

This is the confirmation method if the above 3 methods are positive. And also you can do this method without trying above methods.

  • Make new WhatsApp group with blocked person:
Just create a new group and add blocked person to your new group. You never can’t create a group with a person who blocked you. You will get a message like this:
 "Not authorised to add this  contact"

Not authorised to add this contact
This method is 100% working to check whether a person blocked you or not.

I know only these 6 ways. If you have any more methods, just share with our readers..
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0 Solve Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established

             Nowadays most of computers have internet facility. After opening a computer everyone try to connect to internet. But you may face some errors while connecting to internet. I already wrote about such an error; error 633. Like this, error 720 is also a connecting error.

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0 How to Make Desktop Background Full screen

What is your desktop background? Only a solid color? I think most of desktop backgrounds are users’ favorite pictures. Some like natural images, some like flowers, friendship, technological etc, but depends upon their interest.

I have a collection of variety of images with different categories. But like gloomy natural images more. So I use such photos as my computer or mobile desktop background.

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0 Fake WhatsappCalling.co WhatsApp Video Call Link

                    Again everyone get fake WhatsApp links. Before some days, when WhatsApp implemented the call facility, there were many fake links to activate call service. But all were fake messages and many became fool with those links. Now after announcing video calls on WhatsApp, again many links are spread on WhatsApp.

Let us see some such links:

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0 Emirates Identity Authority: Vote to Urdu and Malayalam

              Emirates Identity Authority is an (EIDA) is an independent federal authority mainly focused in United Arab Emirates countries. Peoples especially migrants are using their official site (www.id.gov.ae/default.aspx) for entering their personal data and they provide ID cards for peoples in UAE countries.

Nowadays if we visit their official site, we can see a message pop up with a message like this:
The Emirates Identity Authority is exploring the possibility of adding a third language to its website, besides Arabic and English.
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0 Change of Photo and Details on Identity Card in Kerala : Step by Step

As a citizen of India, Voter ID card is a very important identity. Indians usually use Voter ID card for:
  • To Vote in election
  • To prove Indian citizenship
  • As an identity proof for getting SIM card, Bank Account, Licence etc
Normally, our identity card is low quality laminated black and white paper. But nowadays government allows us to update our identity card.
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0 Hi: A Free International Call Android App

              After invention of call facility in popular messengers like WhatsApp and Hike, many could reduce their phone bill especially for emigrants. While I write articles about WhatsApp calling and hike call, many read those to get activate. But all we know, those do not allow to call someone who is not registered on WhatsApp or hike and he should be online while you calling. Migrants especially from Arab Countries pleased about this call facility, but actually they need a normal calling app that provides calls to normal phone numbers. 

There are some such apps available on Saudi Arabia, but we should buy some credits cards. Since some days, I was seeking a good app which provide free international calls, finally I found an App called ‘HI’.
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0 Don't be a Fool with twuntu.com/GetMessages WhatsApp link

Today when I was checking on my WhatsApp, I found an interesting message like this: 
Guys.. Did you think your WhatsApp msgs are safe???? Pls check this link http://twuntu.com/GetMessages/ and u can see all the msgs till date! Its sooo shocking our chats are being backed up on this site... put anyones number in the site and read all their messages. That means there is NO PRIVACY in WhatsApp.

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0 Free Download Windows 10 32 bit(x86) 64 bit ISO Technical Preview

                       Everyone knows the Windows XP was a king of OS in a time. Computer world espoused the invention of Windows XP. Easy to install, more graphics, more user friendly etc were the main features of Windows XP. But affection of virus was big program in XP. Later Microsoft introduced Windows Vista, which had some problems and then invented Windows 7. Nowadays Windows 7 is the most using OS among the world. After 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 were launched. Invention of metro style and lack of start menu are the problems in 8 and 8.1. Some people like and some do not. 
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0 5 Ways to Stop Getting Unwanted Emails Forever

            Spam and junk emails are common in email inbox. Most of them are advertisements and known and unknown social media notifications. Some of senders are very strange to us. One day, one of my friends complained about his mass unwanted emails in his inbox. When I check his inbox, I found there hundreds of junk mails. He swore that he had not registered on their sites. They what caused such useless emails?

These are some reasons of getting unsolicited emails:
  • Advertisement: Some sites convey registered email to email marketing agencies. And they sell email list to advertisement companies. So be careful while registering on various sites. 
  • Social media notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube etc send regular emails to their users. 
  • Email subscription: If you registered on any site for email updates, that may also fill your inbox. Some sites also send you regular email updates since registration. 
These are not only the reasons. Anyway, let us see how to block such emails forever without any software.

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0 Speed Up Android Devices: Try These Top 10 Tips

            Nowadays Android is the most popular mobile phone and tablet operating system among people. We can perform almost computer activities on an android device using deferent apps. If our android device is slow, then we will be angry. If it will be hand then wall will be?. If you are careless about your android device, then that may make slow your device soon. 

Reasons of Slowing an Android Device
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