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Whatsapp Chat Shortcuts on Home Screen

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      This article shows how to create direct shortcuts on your mobile home screen into WhatsApp group or private chat conversations.

Fix: Can't Upload Photos or Videos into Facebook

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Some technical problems do not allow uploading images or videos into Facebook. These are some special tips to overcome those issues.

How to Hide WhatsApp Message Notification from Status Bar

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      Normally WhatsApp shows all group and private messages on phone status bar. This article shows how to stop showing WhatsApp messages from status bar.

Optimizing Whatsapp Notification Tones for Group and Private Messages

          WhatsApp enabled a strong communication between society peoples. If there is a news, then you may not know that if you are not active on WhatsApp. If you are new at WhatsApp, then you may not active with groups and personal messages. But after some days, you may include in many WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp shows notifications for each messages arrived on groups or as private message (pm) with a tone.

Phone Number Lookup: 5 Ways to Search and Find a Number

      Hi, Friends? Are u searching for a person’s phone number? I already wrote some tips for free reverse lookup which find the name or owner of a given mobile number. I think finding a cell phone number is more easy than name or address look up of a number. Actually the reverse lookup is very difficult using a telephone directory or phone book, but the telephone directory is the best way to phone number lookup. But nowadays the printed telephone directory is rare.. So let us see some other methods..

Two or Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in a Single Phone

             Nowadays most of the peoples use WhatsApp for simple and easily communication. If you are company executive or if you have two mobile numbers, you may run both phone numbers in a dual SIM single phone. But WhatsApp is based on phone. That is, if your phone support dual sim, but WhatsApp does not support dual account for both sim card legally. WhatsApp has no password security because only one account allowed in a single phone. If you want use WhatsApp for each numbers separately, then you need to keep more than one phones. But there are some tricks to run multiple accounts in a single phone.

This Version of WhatsApp became obsolete error: How to Solve

Are you addicted with WhatsApp? Yes or No? Do you know how to find whether you are addicted to WhatsApp or not? If you are addicted with WhatsApp,
  • Often use of WhatsApp 

How to Set Empty or Blank WhatsApp Status

I noticed the word ‘status’ on Skype where they used to indicate our availability. Later Facebook used the word for typing new sentences on our mind. After the popularity of WhatsApp, it became a technical word which contains some quotes. Actually WhatsApp default status was for indicating our current availability or work. But it allows editing the status with 139 characters and status shows always with contact information. So nowadays, people uses WhatsApp status like twitter tweets, which has limited character to express things that is in our mind.

Find People Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

Nowadays WhatsApp becomes most popular messenger among internet users especially in Asian countries like India. In India most people use WhatsApp even they are not aware about other internet services.

If you get a missed call or unknown, then you can find that people by looking on WhatsApp instead of looking at Truecaller because, millions of peoples already registered on WhatsApp.

[Solved] MSVCR100.dll Missing Wamp Server Error : 100% Works

Hey… Are you tired with the Wamp Server MSVCR100.dll missing error that shows like this:
httpd.exe – System Error
The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dell missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this program.

How to Find and Cancel Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social media network. 'Easy to use' or Simplicity, easy to chat are the reasons behind this popularity. Facebook helps to find and follow peoples easily. In twitter, it is very difficult to get followers, but can follow others easily. 

In Facebook, if we sent a friend request to someone, and if he accept our request, then both become friends, that means both are following each other, so we can see his posts on our timeline also vise verse.



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