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0 15 Instructions Every Mobile Phone User Should Know

15 Instructions Every Mobile Phone User Should Know

After the year 2000, the use of mobile phone has augmented worldwide. There is no electronic device developed using neoteric information technology that influenced  on human history except Mobile Phone. Nowadays mobile phone is not only a communication device but also it can perform almost activities those a computer can do.

We know there are hundreds of uses of mobile phone, like this it has hundreds of misuses. Without our knowledge mobile phone causes many critical issues on our body as well as our life.

If every mobile customers and people are aware following things, then you may shun from those issues.
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0 7 Fixes for Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated

In this eon, internet facility is necessary in each home. Because people depend to internet facility for several purposes like reading newspapers, filing application forms, buying products form internet market etc.

But at any urgent time, if we connect to internet, then we may be become angry due any connecting error like Error 633.
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0 15 Security Instructions for Debit or Credit card Users for Internet Transactions

            One day, I bought a Samsung printer from a computer shop at 6000 INR, after two days, I checked the online rate for my printer model. I understood that there are 500 INR difference from offline market. So I lost my 500 INR.

What are the advantages of online marketing? 
  • Low cost than offline marketing. Save up to 50%
  • Most of product support cash on delivery. So you can save time and travelling charge. 
  • You get fresh box piece of product 
  • International warranty may be there 
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0 How to Know a Phone Number is Available to Call or Contact

          Nowadays mobile messengers has a great role in personal communications. Coming of WhatsApp and Kik replace the role of SMS. Also cost for messaging through these applications is less than cost of normal sms. But voice call is necessary and SMS never replaces the voice call. There are many software which support voice and video calls via internet like Skype. 
       In such call applications, we can know whether the person is online or not. If he/she is online, then he is available for message or VoIP (Voice over IP). But when you use your mobile phone for normal calling, then your caller may not be available due to out of network coverage or mobile phone is switched off or due to other network issues.

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0 How to Resize or Convert Images without any Software or Internet on Windows

        Nowadays even government paper application forms are in digital formats in this online eon. Most of applications need digital photograph of you with fixed size. But if you take a photo from studio or using your mobile phone, size of your photo will be larger than their recommended size. Also it may be difficult to keep images with good size and quality on your device. Also it is difficult to upload large size of images to social media sites or messenger applications like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Kik messenger, WhatsApp, etc
        To resize an image, commonly we use any photo convertor or size reducer or we use any online facility to reduce the size of image. 
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0 Which is the Best and Fastest Browser: Differentiation between Browsers

Browsers are mainly using for browsing websites. It is not easy to find a best browser from many browsers. Performance and speed are the most important factors for selecting a best browser. 

In my home, I am using a local Dial up connection. So that, place of fast browser on my computer is very important. So I downloaded and tried many available browsers. I found every browser has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is my study report of different internet browsers:
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0 How to Clear Browsing History from Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari

If your computer is a public computer, your internet browsing details can steal by others. Because your internet browser save all your activities in their memory. That contain your passwords, browsing and download history, form and search history, cookies, cache, active logins and site preference. 
If you browse in internet cafe or in a public computer, then it is very important to clear browsing history.

Let us see how to clear browsing data from different browsers.
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0 How to Download PDF, PPT, DOC, and SWF Files without Opening any Website except Google

After a long time, I came back with an exciting tip. I think this tip is very helpful to you if you are a student.

saving pdf ppt swf doc directly from google search
If we want to learn about topic, we will open a search engine like Google then search, search result gives the webpages about our topic.
If the given content is a book or large data, it is difficult to open same site often. So we download such content as pdf or document form.
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1 Stop svchost.exe Bandwidth Eat up: Killer Trick to Boost Internet Speed

Here I am going to explain a killer trick to boost your internet speed up to 50%. If your internet speed is 50KBps (in case of local dial up), then you get only 20 to 40 KBps, because many background process like updating windows components are eating up your internet bandwidth. Actually we are not going go boost the limit of your bandwidth, but disabling such updating processes boost your internet speed up to 50%. 
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0 Best 5 Freeware Media Players for Windows

Media Players are the software using for watching and hearing local and streaming audios and videos. There are hundreds of media players among the world. But here are 5 media players those I selected as best for Windows OS.
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0 Problem with Starting Telephony Service: How could I Solved

The Windows Operating System is working under many process and services made by system and user. If we open a program, then it runs as a process under control of OS.

There are a lot of process and services made by operating system. But most of system processes run during startup and those are out of our control. We already learnt how to remove startup programs in a previous post. If we stop the automatic starting of those process forcefully, then that may affect the proper working of your Windows.
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