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Why BSNL Gets Bad Impressions Among Networks in India

            In India BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) provide many services to people like BSNL mobile, BSNL landline, BSNL Broadband, etc. BSNL is a government controlled company but most of Indians are not satisfied with their services. 
            In every section, BSNL gets bad impression, but BSNL officials do not try to achieve good impression and there is an allegation that BSNL workers support private agencies and they leak important decision to private companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Tata Docomo, etc. 

How to Block and Unblock a WhatsApp Contact

            WhatsApp is being popular day by day. Due to its simplicity and mobile number based chatting leads WhatsApp in front of other mobile messengers. But in western countries, kik messenger is the one of the popular messenger. Infolet already wrote about a little differentiation between kik and WhatsApp. There we saw the members can block harassing peoples from further contacting. If someone blocked you, then you can’t chat with him, like this if you blocked someone then he can’t chat with you.

Chrome Secret: Playing Game with Browser No Internet Required

Nowadays Google chrome is the most popular browser on both computer and mobile phones. Actually the popularity of Google search engine made chrome popular and hit. One of the main advantages of Google Chrome is its speed to load web pages. Rather than a browser, Google chrome is using  as a download manager, media player, pdf reader, pdf creator etc. But you know Google chrome contains an inbuilt game..!!! Not a heavy graphics game, but an interesting game.

STOP or START Internet Service by Single Call or SMS

        Finally TRAI decided to provide a service that allows mobile customer to stop or start internet facility by single SMS or phone call. 

How to Remove You from WhatsApp Read by Receipt List

                    In this communication world, mobile messenger has a great role. Using such messenger applications, people can send or share any type of media like text, voice, video etc to anyone with internet facility. So these applications are replacing traditional short message services (SMS), MMS, normal calls, etc with modern internet media sharing.

Can I Chat with a Contact Who Blocked Me on WhatsApp

             People accept the WhatsApp chat as an easy way to contact with someone with less cost. Due to harassing others or due to any other reasons, you might be blocked by others. If you are confirmed that you were blocked by someone, you cannot chat with him on WhatsApp directly. 

Get Fancy Mobile Number Airtel Vodafone Idea Reliance

            Do you want to get a fancy mobile number for free or by cheap rate? There is a small trick to get your favorite fancy number in any networks such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, BSNL, Aircel, Tata docomo, Telewings, RIM, Spice MTS, Videocon, MTNL, Uninor, etc 

Voters List in Kerala for Panchayath Election 2015

          Panchayath election is ahead in Kerala. I already wrote an article about including new names in voters list. Home based propagation is the one of the main vote propagation. For this propagation, party leaders use voters list.

How to Add Name in Voters List Online in Kerala

        The Panchayath election in Kerala is ahead. Political parties are trying to help peoples by different activities. Creating new voter ID card and update current voters list details, etc are some of them. I remember, when I completed my 18th age, many political parties visited me to add my name on voters enrollment. 
           But now government allows everyone to add their name to voters list online also any voters can update their voter ID card details with colorful photo. I already wrote an article about updating voter ID card with new color photo. But now government closed this facility. But Kerala election commission started an option that allows adding new name to voters list also can make some corrections on voters list details. Let us see in details.

Adding Image Logo and Link Signature in Gmail

What is a signature? Normally signature means a sign-manual or penmanship and it does using a pen by our hand. But in case of electronic letter, manual pen signature is not possible, so we use electronic signature for electronic letter (e-mail). 

Disable WhatsApp Video Audio Image Automatic Download

           As a popular mobile number based messenger, WhatsApp enables fast communication among people with latest and variety news through WhatsApp group messages as well as personal chats. People share video, audio, image, voice, map, contact etc on the WhatsApp. In this communication world, the data volume cost is more precious in almost countries. In India, rate for getting 1 GB of data volume is almost INR 250 ($4) for one month. But if we use background running applications like WhatsApp, Kik, etc data volume ends quickly. Because WhatsApp messages contain many videos, audios, voice, photos that download automatically. 



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