Live Lok Sabha Election Result is on ECI (Election Commission of India) Website:

Indians are waiting for election result of 2019 lok sabha. Everyone is curious for the result and the to know the next government and prime minister of the nation India.
Loka sabha election conducted for 545 seats. To get majority mark, a party should get atleast 272 seats for make government without joining other parties. BJP, Congress (NDA and UPA) are waiting to reach the magic number of 272 seats.

How to Send a Folder from Phone to Another Device

Sending files from a mobile device in to another is common. Normally we use Bluetooth, Wifi etc mediums to transmit data between devices. If we want to send files from a phone to another device, first we select the files and use the send or share button to initiate transmission.

Changing Theme on Android Devices

Tip Abstraction:
        This tip shows how to change your default theme on your android devices such as phone, tablets, etc

WhatsApp: Solving Unable to Connect to Internet

Are you facing any problem with WhatsApp connection with internet today?
You might face some connecting issue to WhatsApp server on your phone. So you cannot get Internet connection to your WhatsApp application only, and even other application can access the Internet. Sometime, you can receive messages, but you can’t send messages to your contacts or on groups.

Search Engine Tips and Tricks

All we are familiar with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The major function of a search engine is the finding websites appropriated to our searching query.

Can't Create a New Partition in Windows 10

While installing Windows Operating System on your computer, you may have to create a new partition. Normally there is an inbuilt option to create, delete and format your drives.
But you might face many errors like ‘Windows cannot be installed MBR partition table’ while installing your Windows 10. Similarly, error while creating new partition is also a problem with Windows 10 installation.

Without Data Lose, Solve Error: Windows Cannot be Installed to this MBR Partition 

Are you facing a problem of your Windows installation?
Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks.

Cannot Type User Login Password in Windows 10

Can’t type user login password on your Windows 10? Oh.. Don’t worry. Let us try to solve your problem. One day, when I was reopening my laptop, it was in sleeping mode, Windows asked me to type user login password, but I couldn't type any letter using my keyboard except some keys like ‘N’. Sometimes it may be blank.

Direct WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram Chats with Opera

Nowadays peoples are more addicted with chatting on messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram etc. Meanwhile people forget to talk with real peoples, play games with friends, real relationships, etc. In other words, peoples being lazy due to these kind of addicted applications.
This is a type of internet disease of addiction. Web browsers like Opera understood such interest of people, so they make more compatible browser to those such peoples.

Hiding the Search Bar on Windows 10 Startbar

In previous Windows versions like Windows 7, an active and simple search bar is located on the start menu. Which can search for basic files as well as applications those are installed on the Windows.

Recover Virus Hidden Files in a Flash Drive

Sometimes if you connect your pen drive on the virus attacked system, then the virus may hide all your folder and files on your pendrive. So you cannot see any files on your thump drive or memory card. You cannot show such files even you reconnect to your unaffected system and after removal of virus using antivirus.

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