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0 How to Hide All Posts from Home Page - Blogger

Blogger allows us to control number of posts in home page by editing posts widgets in blogger layout dashboard. Maximum number of posts in home is 500 and minimum is 1. That is, minimum one post should be appear on blogger home page.

But in some cases, you may need to hide all post from home page, which may be for displaying something other on homepage than posts.

Here I am going to explain how to hide all articles from your blogger home page.
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0 How to Show Related Posts Below Post Content - Blogger

            Related posts are the posts that related to correct reading or opened post. If a reader is pleased with a blog post, then his mind likes to read more such articles from your site. This situation is the role of related articles in site. Related posts show him most suitable posts of read post. So that, related post is not only a way to increase the traffic of your blog but also it causes pleasing the mind of readers.

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0 How to Install Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 from Pen Drive

                 To install old Windows operating systems like Windows XP, we should get its installation CD Rom. But latest operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, etc support installation from USB drives like pen drive. Installation CD becomes dirty faster, so the USB installation has a big role in OS installation area. Also new type of notebook computer has no CD player, so USB installation is necessary. 

This article shows how to install Window Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 from USB drive like Pen drive, memory card, external hard disc etc. 
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0 How to Show Computer, Control Panel, Network Icons on Desktop

Except Windows 8 and 8.1, we get computer desktop at the start up of computer. Because desktop is the entrance to all part of computer memory, programs etc. Normally when we install a software, it creates a shortcut on your desktop. 

You know, Windows XP was the most acceptable OS by Microsoft. If we install XP on computer, after booting our desktop contains default icons to My Computer, Network, User Files, Recycle Bin, etc… But in modern operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, we can’t find such a icons on desktop.

If you are familiar with Windows it is not a difficult thing to open such options without a desktop shortcut. But newbie can’t open My Computer (Renamed to Computer in Windows 7 and in 8 and My PC in Windows 10), user files, network etc.

So let us create a shortcut for Computer, Control panel, etc on your desktop (not a trick):
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0 3 Ways to Highlight the Content of an Image

If you want to post a picture on social network sites like Facebook or Twitter you might need highlight some area of picture. Like this, if you are going to taking a seminar or if you want to add a picture to your site or for any other needs, you may need to highlight some parts of images to get the attention of others.

There are so many tools to highlight images. Here are some simple ways to highlight images with fewer efforts.
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0 Windows 10: New Features, Errors, and Suggestions

         Windows XP was the most acceptable and comfortable Operating System developed by Microsoft. But change in era and invention of new technologies like touch monitor, they compelled to release new Operating Systems like Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. 
        But, Microsoft didn't get much acceptance to those OS like XP. It may be due to the features of OS may not meet the taste of users. To overcome all problems and getting much acceptance from users, Microsoft going to release Windows 10 shortly. They released its Technical preview on 2014 September 30. Actually Windows 10 is the combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

       I conducted a small study with Windows 10 Technical Preview, and this is the report of my study. This includes new features, Tips, Tricks, errors, and suggestions to Microsoft (Actually I am not a man to suggest to Microsoft).
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0 Simple Ways to Capture Screeshots Without any Software

For many uses like explaining something using your computer, you might need to capture the screenshot of your computer screen. There may be much software for capturing screenshots. Most of them are costly. If there any free options to capturing screenshots without losing any money, then can you use those tools?

Here I am describing two ways to taking screenshot of your computer display without any further software except Windows OS. 

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0 15 Instructions Every Mobile Phone User Should Know

15 Instructions Every Mobile Phone User Should Know

After the year 2000, the use of mobile phone has augmented worldwide. There is no electronic device developed using neoteric information technology that influenced  on human history except Mobile Phone. Nowadays mobile phone is not only a communication device but also it can perform almost activities those a computer can do.

We know there are hundreds of uses of mobile phone, like this it has hundreds of misuses. Without our knowledge mobile phone causes many critical issues on our body as well as our life.

If every mobile customers and people are aware following things, then you may shun from those issues.
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0 7 Fixes for Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated

In this eon, internet facility is necessary in each home. Because people depend to internet facility for several purposes like reading newspapers, filing application forms, buying products form internet market etc.

But at any urgent time, if we connect to internet, then we may be become angry due any connecting error like Error 633.
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0 15 Security Instructions for Debit or Credit card Users for Internet Transactions

            One day, I bought a Samsung printer from a computer shop at 6000 INR, after two days, I checked the online rate for my printer model. I understood that there are 500 INR difference from offline market. So I lost my 500 INR.

What are the advantages of online marketing? 
  • Low cost than offline marketing. Save up to 50%
  • Most of product support cash on delivery. So you can save time and travelling charge. 
  • You get fresh box piece of product 
  • International warranty may be there 
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0 How to Know a Phone Number is Available to Call or Contact

          Nowadays mobile messengers has a great role in personal communications. Coming of WhatsApp and Kik replace the role of SMS. Also cost for messaging through these applications is less than cost of normal sms. But voice call is necessary and SMS never replaces the voice call. There are many software which support voice and video calls via internet like Skype. 
       In such call applications, we can know whether the person is online or not. If he/she is online, then he is available for message or VoIP (Voice over IP). But when you use your mobile phone for normal calling, then your caller may not be available due to out of network coverage or mobile phone is switched off or due to other network issues.

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