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0 Whatsapp vs Kik: which is the Best Messenger App

whatsapp vs kik which is the best messenger app
                    Nowadays messengers has a great role in sending messages to their friends without traditional text SMS system. In case of number of registered users, messengers like skype, Nimbuzz are the top messengers. But at this new generation, if we consider the number of active users, Whatsapp and kik are the most popular messengers.
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0 Whatsapp, Kik for Computer: How to Run on PC

              Nowadays the use of SMS (Short Message Service) is decreeing day by day. Why we need SMS? Now mobile messengers like Whatsapp, Kik, etc replace the use or SMS. Because anyone can send messages like SMS to anyone who already registered on Whatsapp or Kik. Now you may think that, it is too difficult, because all have to registered on Whatsapp or Kik or like that. Nowadays the number of active members on Whatsapp and kik are amazing. Whatsapp has more than 465 million active users and kik has more than 100 million active users. Out of 2 billon of internet users, about more than 600 million peoples are using messengers like Whatsapp, Kik, etc That is, once in 3 are using one of these messenger services. So why need the SMS. No need to spend money by sending SMS. Just you need an internet connection on your mobile phone or computer. A single SMS supports only text messages with 140 characters. If you write SMS with more than 140  characters, it will count as two text messages. If you add picture or videos on your messages then your mobile message become more costly and complicated.
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0 How to Open Google Search Result Link in New Tab

Search engines like Google have a great roles in finding website and webpages. Among the search results, opened pages may not be the correct data those we want. Back button gives you the same search engines’ search results. But if you lose the search result page, you have to search with same keyword to get same search result. You know, a little change in search keyword gives you different search results. If you open searched websites or webpages in a new tab, you can keep your search results without loss.
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0 Whatsapp: How to Change Visibility of Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status

Hello, Whatsapp? You know Whatsapp is also an app for chatting.
Whatsapp messenger                          Nowadays Whatsapp is getting more popular day by day. I think Whatsapp is the most using and popular mobile number based app than other apps like kik. Whatsapp has more than 300 million active users. Now Facebook established a relation with Whatsapp by spending much money.
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0 5 Ways to Find Contact Name of Unknown Phone Number

If anyone call you or missed call you anonymously, or if you get an unknown phone number, is there any way to trace and find the owner of that mobile number? If anyone disturb you or your wife by anonymous phone calls, then what would you do? There is no direct way to get contact details of unknown number.

Here are some ways to trace and find contact details of an unknown phone number.
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0 How to Install Turbo C in Windows 7 or 8 with 64 bit OS

TC (Turbo C) works well on Windows XP. But in new Operating Systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8 it works well in 32 bit Operating System(OS) with smaller size of window size. But you may increase its screen size by some tips. But in Windows 64 bit OS, you can’t install Turbo C. Because TC is a 16 bit application.
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0 Facebook Emoticons and Shortcut Keys - List of Smileys

Facebook Emoticons List:
          One gentleman told me: "Silence is sharper than words". I think, his argument is true. Because a silent expression can be predicted as many meanings that may be warning, suggestions, angry, happy, sad etc. In chatting, emoticonss have a great role like silence with facial expression. That is, instead of writing a paragraph, you may use a single emoticon. Also Emoticons replace the sentences those you can't say or explain to somebody.
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0 How to Set Custom Domain in Blogger Using Bigrock

        Of the millions of websites, most are blogs provided by sites like Wordpress, Blogger, etc. Blogs are also websites but they are personal websites. But if you make a free blog in Blogger or in Wordpress, your domain will be like a sub domain. Example: www.mydomain.blogspot.com, www.mydomain.wordpress.com etc. But if you buy a top level domain, it is difficult to identify a site is a blog or a normal website. It is simple and easy to get a custom top level domain. If you register for a top level domain, then your blog address become www.mydomain.com (according to registration) instead of www.mydomain.blogspot.com.

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1 High Speed Download Accelerator with Mozila Firefox Trick - Linux

                        Nowadays, mobile phone is enough to internet surfing like Googling, Facebook chat, etc. But most are not using the mobile device to download large sized files and computer software. So we are using our laptop or desktop computer with broadband internet connection. Because in computer, it is easy to download and manage files. If you connect a broadband connection with your mobile and PC, then PC will perform well while downloading than mobile device. Because many download managers are available to accelerate and manage your downloads.
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2 How to Get Download or Enable .NET Framework on Windows 8

In this computer world, most of computer applications running on Windows Operation System are made in Microsoft’s Visual Studio. So to run s software made in Visual Studio needs their .NET Framework. In former Operating System before Windows 8 like Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc, .NET Framework will install during Operation System installation. So, there is no need to install .NET Framework on such Operation System after OS installation. But in Windows 8, OS will not install .NET Framework during Operating System installation. So we have to install .NET framework after OS installation.
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1 How to Solve Unable to Open Include file: Turbo C Error

Unable to open include files 'STDIO.H'If you are a newbie in C / C++ programmer with Turbo C or you are using Turbo C in a new system, you may face many problems like converting small Turbo C window to larger in new Windows versions like Window 7.

These are some other errors you may face while using Turbo C/C++:
  • Linker Error: Unable to open file ‘C0S.OBJ’
  • Unable to open include file ‘STDIO.H’
  • Unable to open include file ‘CONIO.H’
  • Unable to open include file ‘IOSTREAM.H’ 
Here are the best solutions to above errors:
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