Folder Shortcut on Task bar

         Generally it is not possible to create folder shortcuts on your Task bar. When we pin a folder or folder shortcut on Task bar, and if we open that folder short cut, then only windows default explorer will open with documents, pictures, music and videos. So you can’t create a short for an exact folder.
But using a simple trick we can create folder short cuts of any folder location with good look. Here you can explore folder to folder by mouse entering and moving.
Now let us see how to create a folder shortcut from right corner of Task bar. It is easy and funny.
Folder Shortcut on Task bar
  • Right click on your Task bar. 
  • Come to 'Toolbars' [first option].
    From new menu, select ‘New Toolbar’ [last option].
Folder Shortcut on Task bar
  • Now windows will ask you to choose or browse a folder for create a shortcut on Task bar. Select your choice.
  • Now we selected my 'Computer Software' folder [You can choose or browse any folder as you like to create short cut on task bar].
  • Then click on button 'Select folder' button [bottom of the window].
  • Done....
Folder Shortcut on Task bar
  • Now look to your right side of Task bar [Near notification area]. You can see a folder named with your destination folder.
  • By clicking on arrow key (right side of folder name), you can simply browse files and folders from destination folder. No need to click on folders to open a folder, just entering the mouse point to the folder name. If more items are available in a folder, then you have to click or mouse entering on the button and top arrow marks to show more files and folders.
Folder Shortcut on Task bar

What are the Advantages of this method of short cut ..?
  • Can create folder short cut in Task bar 
  • Simple and funny.
  • Simple to open explorer a location without placing short cuts on desktop 
  • Can browse another folder from a single folder without opening that folder 
  • Can browser folders by mouse entering without clicking.

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