Do you know that most of peoples are using Windows OS(Operating System) on their computer than other OS like Linux , Mac etc. Most of Windows operating systems are good like Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8... But most are still using Windows XP. But Nowadays Windows 7 is popular.Installation steps for Windows 7 ,Windows Vista and Windows 8 are almost same. Now i would like to explain how to install Windows 7 on your PC.  
  • First of all you need Windows 7 setup as DVD or Pen drive(as bootable ). You can buy Windows 7 from here. Or collect a DVD from others.
  • If you have a Windows 7  bootable setup file, You can now start to install Windows 7 on your PC. If your Windows file is in a DVD, please put DVD in your DVD player. If Windows 7 file is in a pen drive, please plug-in to USB port . In case of pen drive you must conform that  pen drive is bootable.
  • Switch on your computer. At the time of starting, press key for boot menu ( F10 or F12). Select your boot device (DVD Rom or Pen drive).
  • Press any key to read data from DVD.
  • Now Windows 7 is starting its setup.
How do i install Windows
  • Windows 7 installation can support mouse device. So installation is easy than installation of Windows XP. Click on 'Install now' for installing windows 7. You can see an option for repairing your existing windows 7.
How do i install Windows
  •  Select architecture corresponding to your computer processor. Here 'x86' is 32 and 'x64' is 64 bit. 
How do i install Windows
  • Accept license terms. 
How do i install Windows
  • If your want to upgrade your windows to this higher version like Windows vista to Windows 7 or Windows 7starter to Windows 7 Ultimate choose 'upgrade'. 
  • If you are new to windows 7 or if you want to install windows 7 with another OS like Ubuntu,Windows vista, Please choose 'Custom (advanced)'. Most of case you will select second selection.
How do i install Windows
  • In custom (advanced), you will get a window with drive details. This window want where you want to install this Windows.
  • In my system both Windows 7 and windows 8 already installed. You can see below screenshot. 
  • If you want to replace any other OS. Came to drive that contain old OS. (Data in that drive will be lose).But if that OS is MAC(hacked), you  need to format that drive to windows format.
  • If you are using a new hard disc, or want to install Windows 7 in a new drive, Click on 'drive details or options' for getting drive information with editor. From this you can make new drives with many size of volume. Also option 'delete' for deleting a drive and 'format' for formatting a drive also available.
  • At the time of making a new drive, Windows will ask you size of drive in MB. I recommend you to take minimum 25GB for your new Windows 7 drive(C drive). But Windows 7 required only 5729 MB for installing.
  • After making a new drive, just come(select) to your new drive.
    If you want to replace any other OS. Came to drive that contain old OS.
    Click on 'next' button or press 'Enter' key from key board.

How do i install Windows
  • Now Window 7 installing on your PC. You need at least 15 min for completing installation.
    Enjoy Windows 7.

For any further help, please comment below..

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