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Nowadays we can’t control the time actually, and we can’t understand where time is going fast. Because, the time never waits for any one, so we have to utilize our given time as maximum.
Do you know, every day contains 86400 seconds? How many second are utilizing by you?
Nowadays most of companies, institutions etc are keeping sharp time for different activities. If one program becomes late to start, then audience will think as all programs in that institution also start as late. So at next program time, no one will not come earlier and all audience will come as later. Such habit will affect the working of entire institution or company. So nowadays all companies and institutions are very strict in case of attendance at sharp time. If you are late for one second, then they will not allow you to sign signature for indicating your present. That is that day you are absent.
Is your watch time is correct with minute, seconds? No. There is no chance to such a very sharp time. Is your computer time correct..? How to get very sharp time for your computer?
Don’t worry. Windows allows users to update computer time with sharp standard time using internet. For this first of all, you please correct your computer GMT.
It is very simple to update your time within one minute. You need only an internet connection.

Please follow following steps..
  • Click on right bottom corner of your windows task bar ‘Time’.
Computer time and date
  •  From given time pop up, click on 'Change date and time settings...'
Computer time and date

  • Now ‘Date and time’ window will open. Go to tab from ‘Date and time’ to 'Internet Time' tab. 
Change time and date
  • Click on 'Change Settings' button.
Computer internet time
  • Now select a server (All server contain sharp standard time). Then click on ‘Update Now’ button.
Date and time live update

Now your computer time was successfully updated. If any error occurs, then change the server and try with update now button.

Tip: Set your Time zone at first 

Thanks to Microsoft

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