Hide or show folder in windows 7 8
Windows has so many hidden files. Usually that files are hidden from users to save the security of Windows.
You can see hidden files by changing folder show option.

  • Just open any folder. Here I opened a folder. Actually this folder contains a hidden folder with some my private files.Now this folder seems as empty.Now let us show that hidden folder.
Hide or show folder in windows

  • Just go to Menu bar and select "Tools".From coming list choose "Folder Options.."
Hide or show folder in windows

  • In some case your Menu bar many be hidden. By clicking on "Organize" -> "Layout" -> Tick on "Menu bar", you can see menu bar. 
Hide or show folder in windows

  • In folder options, Go to "View" tab.In 'Hidden files and folder', Click on "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". Then click on "OK" button.
  • If you want to show file extensions with every file name, In Advance Settings, Untick(uncheck) "Hide extensions for known file types".
Hide or show folder in windows

  • Now you can see that hidden folder as blur..
Hide or show folder in windows

 Also you can make hidden folders and hide them. So you can protect your private files from other users. 
Now let us see how to make a hidden folder.. 

  • Just Make a folder on place you want to make a folder.( Right click -> New -> Folder)

  • Right click on that folder and take it "Properties".

  • In its attributes, check (tick) on "Hidden" check box.

  • Then click on "OK".
Make hidden folder

  • Now your folder must be blur( if your folder option is showing hidden files).
Make hidden folder

  • Using above process, you can hide this hidden folder. 
       NB: Don’t misuse this option, we have to responsibility.

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