Clock with my nameDo you want a clock on your Desktop with your name..? It is very simple to display a clock without any software.
This clock has many styles. You can select any style.
Also you can write any caption in clock as clock name.
Actually this clock is a Gadget provided by Windows. And this clock is available only in Windows7,Windows Vista, and Windows 8.

  • Now let us see how to make a clock on your Desktop with your name. 
  • Right click on Desktop and select "Gadgets".
Clock with my name
  • From give Gadget's list, you can see a clock picture. Double click it.
Clock with my name
  • Now you  can see a clock on top right of  your Desktop. Now this clock has no 'Second hand' and no 'Clock name'. Just mouse over on your clock, now you can see an icon for settings. Click on that icon.
Clock with my name
  • This is your clock settings. Now your clock style is 1 of 8. You can select any style by clicking on near arrow.Many fancy styles are available.
    Below this, you can see a field with  name "Clock Name". In that field, type you name.
  • And if you want to show second hand, then tick on check box: "Show the second hand".
Clock with my name
  • Then click "OK". Now your clock is ready with your name. Here I gave name as "infolets".
Clock with my name

What are the advantages of windows desktop analog clock gadget?
  • Easy to know the time 
  • Correct time with second hand 
  • If you are usually using analog watch or clock, then this clock in same as your favorite watch or clock
  • Fancy styles are available. 
  • Can move to different position on desktop 
  • Can set clock as always top of all working programs [Right click on clock, from given list, check the ‘Always on top’ option] 
  • Can change the opacity of your clock. For this, right click on your clock, click on opacity, then choose your clock’s opacity as 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100%.
Only one Disadvantage:
If you are using 24 hr format clock, then will not work well.

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