Design Onam Pookalam Online
Do you want to create or design Onam athappookkalam online? You can make many different of patterns as online. This is a online tool. It helps to make onam pookalam using different type of flowers and petals or corolla. After creating a pookalam design, this tool helps to save or print your pookalam design as pictures. Also you can send your pookalam design to your friends by email. Also you can use this tool as an online game.
Design Onam Pookalam Online
  • From given window, Click on ‘Start Game’. 
Design Onam Pookalam Online
  • If you want to create pookalam patterns, click on ‘Create Pattern’. 
  • Or if you want to make pookalam without a special pattern, click on ‘Skip Designing’.(Here I skipped)
  • Now you will get default pattern to create pookalam. Now select a flower or a flower petal from ‘flowers box’.  You can see selected flower or petal on center of your pattern. You can drag selected flowers or petals to anywhere. There are so many flowers and petals are there. Click on ‘<’ or ‘>’ icons to get more flowers and petals in flower box. 
  • You can see a 'Control' box to control your flowers and petals on left top of your pattern window.
    Some controls are given below.. 
Design Onam Pookalam Online
                 A = to rotate a selected item to left. 

                 B = to rotate a selected item to right. 

                 C = to delete a selected item. 

                 D = to create a copy of a selected item. 

                 E = to create a circle using selected item. 

                 F = to increase the radius of above circular flowers. 

                 G = to decrease the radius of above circular flowers. 

                 H = to move a selected item to right or left or bottom or up. 

                  I = to get more flowers and flower petals. 

  • After making a good pookalam design, you can save your design as an image or you can send to your friends by email or print directly using your printer by clicking on ‘Actions’. 
Design Onam Pookalam Online
A = to reset all your pookalam to get default pattern. This action will lose your current design. 

B = to print your current pookalam through a printer. 

C = to send current pookalam to your friends. 

D = to save your pookalam as an image to your computer. 

Enjoy with pookalam designing.

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