How to block a Website
In this world, Internet connection is necessary  for all. But in your home or office many are going to many sites even bad site. So if you need to block a site without any software, just obey following steps...
  1. Just Go: C drive => Windows =>System32 => drivers => etc
  2. You can see a file with name "hosts". 
  3. Just open that file using notepad.
  4. You can see two lines at last as
    #       localhost
    #     ::1                  localhost
  5. Below these line just type (without '#')and after some space, type a website you want to block. If you want block more sites, just increment last number of IP as one by one and type corresponding site you want to block.
    Example: #       localhost
    # ::1                   localhost
How to block a Website
  1. File => Save. (not save as)
  2. Close your file.
  3. Restart your computer. Done. Now you cannot open blocked site using any browser.

But in some case, while you save this file, you may get this message:
File access denied Permission
That is, you have no permission to perform this action. In this case, you have to do more steps..
  • Now you are in folder C drive => Windows =>System32 => drivers => etc. Just back. That is
    C drive => Windows =>System32 => drivers
  • Then rename folder "etc" to another name. Here I changed name as "etca".
How to block a Website
  • Then reopen that folder (here "etca").
  • Show file extension  for know file types.(Tools->Folder options->View tab->Untick(uncheck) "Hide extensions for know file types" ). More about this step
  • Rename file "hosts" to "hosts.txt".
How to block a Website
  • System will need your permission. Click Continue.
  • Now your file must be like a text document. 
How to block a Website
  • Open "hosts.txt".
  • Just follow step 4, step 5 and step 6 written above.(Typing blocking site)
  • Now you can save your file without any permission problem.(File =>Save).
  • Close your file.
  • Then rename again "hosts.txt" to "hosts" only. (If your file extension is hidden, you cannot rename as like this)
How to block a Website
  • Then again go back to previous folder(drivers).
  • Then rename again folder "etca" to "etc".
  • Done

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