Create and Run a Java Applet using Browser and AppletViewer

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        This is a basic article shows how to create a Java applet and run via AppletViewer or web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc

Creating and running a java applet using applet viewer

   An applet is a small application designed to be transmitted over the Internet and executed by a Java-compatible Web browser. Applets are event driven programs. Java applet programs are different from java application programs. Click to Learn how to build and run a Java application program. 
Now let us see how to build and run a Java applet program.

►Open any text editor like notepad and type below code to print ‘Hello’ as an applet.
Make and Run a Java Applet Program
♦A = imported for applet programs. 
♦B = AWT is stands for Abstract Window Toolkit.Contains many tool pack like graphics. 
♦C = Paint function is to perform different graphics activities. 
♦D = to print a string. 
♦E = String you want to print. 
♦F = X coordinate of your string in applet window. 
♦G = Y coordinate of your string in applet window. 
♦H = ‘test’ is your class name is must be equal to your program name. 

►Now save your file with .java extension. (Program name must be equal to class name)
►Compile your java program. (Same as compiling of java application program)
[Learn How to save a file with .Java extension and compiling a Java application program.]

Method to run a Java applet program is not similar to method to run a java application program.
There are two methods to run a Java applet program.
    ♦ Using Java compatible web browser
    ♦ Using Applet Viewer included with your JDK. 

Using Java compatible web browser

► Open any text editor like notepad.
► Type below code
<applet code = "test" width = 400 height = 300> </applet>
[Here width is the width of your output applet window and height is the height of your output applet window.]
►Save as a .html file in location of your java file.
     ♦If you want to save your html file in different location,
        Change above code to:
<applet code = "your location\test" width = 400 height = 300> </applet>
<applet code = "D:\my java files\test" width = 400 height = 300> </applet>
► After successful save, open your html file with any Java compatible web browser.
► Now you can see your applet in that browser.
Make and Run a Java Applet Program
If your browser is not compatible with Java, download java form here.

Using Applet Viewer

► Normally your JDK already contain an Applet Viewer for viewing applets (Search in your jdk folder).
► For using this method, add this line of code to your java program just before of your class.
/* <applet code = "test" width = 300 height = 300> </applet> */
► Now, totally your program should be like this:

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

 /* <applet code = "test" width = 300 height = 300> </applet> */

public class test extends Applet
 public void paint(Graphics g)
► Save again.
► Compile your Program.
► After successful compilation,  type:  appletviewer  to run your applet.
Make and Run a Java Applet Program
► Now you can see output applet in Java Applet Viewer.
Make and Run a Java Applet Program

For any assist, comment below...

  1. I need help with a GUI apllet test, programm is written but cant seem to execute, please help

  2. program is compiled after cmd appletviewer
    its showing applet not initialzed

  3. i have written this program in, where can i compile this before running in applet viewer?

  4. hai i written a applet program then compile it there was no error but wen i run appletviewer it was not coming.what is the problem

  5. There should be an error while running. Check. Or give me the code

  6. Thanks for the clear explanation!

  7. thks its realy useful..i got output

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  9. create a button and set action listener.. then write codes for calling applet on button onclick event

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  11. when i compile the program it is showing that applet is not initialised...

    1. just reconstruct with above codes.. then make change according to your usage

  12. it worked for appletviewer. But when tried to run on browser it asked for plugin.
    any idea??

  13. hii..

    bro I just written the entire program and it succesfully complied but at the time of execution it showing nothing.
    It just shows the new line where the new command option is available

    1. That may be due to incorrect coding. Could you please provide the entire codes?
      Make sure the line written below is correct:

  14. when i run through applet viewer
    it wont give output


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