One of the main hobbies of children is watching TV. Some of students are watching TV up 18 hours/day. Parents are not aware of problem about children’s over watching on TV, because it is a normal thing.
Too much TV during the early years has been linked to:
  • Poor performance in school:
    Because he cannot concentrate in his school study. He is always thinking about TV seen. Also his reading and writing ability become poor. 
  • Poor skills in planning and judging:  Peoples will get ability to planning and judgement from his childhood. By over watching TV, he will loss his planning skills and judgement skills. 
  • Child becomes Fat:  Due to over watching TV, children between age 2 and 4 have more chance to fatty. It is the study report from "Bio Med Central" journals Canada. They studied with 1314 children for this study report.
  • Become violent when any problem occurs: They cannot manage their problems in correct way. They have no idea about truth of real life. Because they are in gaming or TV world. 
  • Problem in Focus: 
    They cannot focus or concentrate their mind on a thing. Their mind is not in a point. That is always jumping one point to another point. 
  • Problems in Eye: He or She may lose their power of sight later. Many children are watching TV very close to TV. That will affect the eye shortly. If we watch TV for 5 minutes continuously, then our eye sight may be blurring. Please sit minimum 3 meters away from screen to protect your and your children’s’ eyes. Discuss more about eye diseases here.
  • Problems in Ear: Nowadays most of peoples are using digital surround Dolby system on their home. Such high volume will affect the efficiency of ear later. Increase the volume if you needed. If sound is high, then keep away from output box. Never use headset for earring sound. Headset will affect your ears than normal sound box. 
  • Social Problems: From many films, children watch videos of favorite hero. So after watching, they will imitate their hero. Such that crimes, using drugs, smoking, drinking, driving, challenging, etc.

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