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Wamp Server is offline always: Make online(Active) [Icon not Turning to Green]

wamp server offline always make it online green orange red

Most of peoples are using WampServer for managing PHP files.. By installing wamp server, we can use our computer as a local host.We can change its state by clicking on Wamp server icon and choose "Put Online" or "Put Offline".

 In some case wamp server is in online stage, but you cant use you system has a local host(ie your wamps server is inactive).So we cannot run PHP files. Now let us try to make wamp server (active) by some simple steps. 
  1. Just Exit your Wamp Server.
  2. Uninstall Your Wamp Server.
  3. Also delete folder; C:\wamp  (If any files in C:\wamp\www, back up)
  4. Check this file 'hosts' (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) is accessible. 
  5. Open file 'hosts' with notepad , check whether there is a line like "#       localhost" or not. If it is not exist, write this line. 
  6. Disable your antivirus software temporary (Especially 'Avira').
  7. Re install Wamp Server
  8. Open Wamp Server.
  9. Check whether your Wamp Server is active or not. ( look in system tray for color of icon of wamp server). If your wamp server is still inactive..
Wamp server offline to online
  • Click on icon of WampServer in system tray. From menu, select =>Apache=>Services=Test Post 80.
Wamp server offline to online
  • If you get a message of usage port 80, you have to close that working internet software like Skype, anti viruses,PHPeasy etc
  • If you get a message like this: "Your port 80 is not actually used", That is your port 80 is not using by any program. Post 80 needed to use WampServer. Now you are in correct way..
Wamp server offline to online
  • Now,  go to WampServer icon=>Apache=>Service =>Install Service.
Wamp server offline to online
  • Now you will get a message like this: "Your port 80 is available, install will proceed. Press Enter to continue.. " . Just press Enter key from your keyboard.
Wamp server offline to online
  • Now again go to Wamp server icon=>Apache=>Service =>Start/Resume Service.
Wamp server offline to online
  • Now your Wamp Server is active. Wamp Server icon's color changed Red to Orange.(Actual color of online is Green.but now you can use your Wamp Server)
Wamp server offline to online
  • Now your can open your 'local host'
Wamp server offline to online
  • Localhost opened in Firefox..
Wamp server offline to online

Solve WampServer could not execute menu item error (internal error) or The configuration file contains a syntax error on line 0 (EParseError)

These are other Wampserver errors while turn Wampserver to online. 
These are errors with heading as "Aestan Tray Menu"
 Could not execute menu item (internal error)
[Exception] Could not perform service action:
The service has not been started
The configuration file contains a syntax error on line 0:
[EParseError] NO tray icon was specified. Please assign a tray icon by
 using one of the TrayIcon* directives in the [Config] section
This is due to WampServer services could not been started . And it is very simple fix this error.
Just uninstall your WampServer and re-install with original and new setup.

  • If you are facing a WampServer error as: 'Forbidden You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server', then solve here.


  1. working... thanks

  2. how icon color depend online and offline??

  3. Thanks!
    Re-Installing after cleaning directories worked!

  4. Working with green colour

  5. thanks this article helped

  6. OMG!!! my wampserver is now finally green. thanks for the steps.

  7. please tell me how to stop a WWW service.

  8. SIVA
    please tell me how to stop a WWW service.

  9. What do you mean by www service ?

  10. Working with green colour, thanks ...

  11. Really you're my boss!!!Thanks

  12. i have problem msvcrt.dll files not found.

  13. Search on Google for "msvcrt.dll" then download it.
    Then put that file on your jdk folder.
    In my case:



  14. It works...PROBLEM SOLVED..Thanxx

  15. some time skye create problem, thanks for sharing.

    it's working :)

  16. if your skype is online this type of error will be there.

  17. s. i had the same problem because of skype. i just turn it off. now my amp is working perfect.

  18. Hi.I have done all t steps that mentioned above..it still not turning to orange or green color..but when Im moving t cursor over there it is showing that "server online"..But if im trying to open localhost or phpmyadmin it is showing that "firefox cannot establish connection to the server at localhost".and im not using skype and all..any one know the solution pls reply..very urgent..

  19. Thank you very much ..Now It is working.....thanks a lot...

  20. Worked for me, thanks alot man ...

  21. thanks its working thanks alot

  22. Really Thanks Man ..............Felling Good .:)

  23. Unable to connect

    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost.

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

  24. Thank you, it works! i'm glad this site shows up on the first page on google :)

  25. sir i have tried all the step which u described above. after that i am not able to connect with my my local host ,if i click on it , it displays message "unable to connect".. please suggest me what should i do now?





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