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Watch YouTube Videos without Buffering Using Real Player or VLC Player


Watch YouTube Videos without Bufering
Yes, you can watch any YouTube video without any buffering. If you have a fast connection, you can see any video without buffering. But if your internet connection is slow, you have to wait some time for buffering. If your connection has a speed of more than 40KB/second, you can see YouTube videos without buffering by decreasing video quality to 240p. 
To decrease quality of a video, just follow below instructions…
  • Open video on YouTube you want to watch. (Here I opened a HD video with 1080p). 
  • Here you need high speed internet connection to watch this video without any buffering. Now let's decrease its quality. Click on icon of 'Change Quality' of video bar.
Watch YouTube Videos without Bufering
  • You can see its original quality as 1080p HD. Now click on 240p to get lower quality of this video.
Watch YouTube Videos without Bufering
  • Wait some time, now you can see that video without any buffering.
If your internet connection speed is below 40KB/second, just go to YouTube mobile version (m.youtube.com)
  • Now if we open YouTube mobile version in Google Chrome browser, then their compatibility may not support us. So it is good to open m.youtube on another Browser like Mozilla Firefox to get mobile YouTube. [Note: Now new version of browsers are trying to redirect mobile YouTube (m.youtube.com) to computer YouTube (YouTube.com). In computer YouTube, this trick will not work. So try to get mobile YouTube with a browser].
  • Then search a video. 
  • In result page, you can see a link for ‘Watch Video’. 
  • If you have ‘Real Player‘ on your computer, by clicking on link ‘Watch Video’ you can watch that video on your real player. 
  • If you have no real player, just copy its location by right click and select ‘copy link location’.
 Watch YouTube Videos without Bufering
  • Open your VLC player (Download Latest Version). Then press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘V’ from your keyboard. 
  •  Now you can see an ‘Open URL’ window (see screen shot) with your copied location. 
Watch YouTube Videos without Bufering
  • Click on 'Play' button.
Watch youtube video without buffering: no buffer trick

Inolet recommend this method than real player. If your internet speed is below 20KB/second, you cannot do above methods... Then you have to wait to complete buffering according to video size.



  1. Working.. but low quality..,

  2. Hi i have another Trick copy the Youtube vedio URL link and paste in www.savevid.com it will generate the vedios with low quality which better than mobile version lower than 240Pixel,copy that link and paste in VLC player,to get benefit.


  3. its very good information for watching videos online without buffering......one basic idea is also mentioned there.....http://goo.gl/8Gtho

  4. which version of realplayer is needed
    plz tell mee fast..............

    1. All new versions. Tested with V 6 and 8

  5. Very good pls sent me as for more amazing tricks
    Sent to Naseermessi2@gmail.com



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