find Area of a parallelogram in java

A parallelogram is a four sided shape formed by two pairs of parallel lines like a rectangle. Opposite sides of a parallelogram should be equal. How can we find the area of a parallelogram manually?

Calculate Area of a parallelogram in java

Area of a parallelogram = base x height.

This is a simple java console program to find area of a parallelogram with the measures of height and base.

Program code:

class parallelogram
public static void main(String p[]) throws IOException
         BufferedReader Br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
    System.out.print("\n Enter the base : ");
         int a =Integer.parseInt(Br.readLine());
    System.out.print("\n Enter the lenght : ");
         int b=Integer.parseInt(Br.readLine());
         System.out.println( "\n Area of parallelogram with base "+a+" and lenght " +b+ " is :" + a*b);

Sample output:

Find calculate in java to area of a parallelogram

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