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What Happened to Aircel: Recharges are not working [Top Up Available]

Nowadays Aircel is not like before. At the starting of this month (November 2012), Aircel stopped their all Internet (2G/3G) recharges like at 7,14,48,97 through easy recharge. But coupons are working even now… After 2 week, all easy Top Ups are also closed. But online recharges are available except internet offer on their site: https://epayment.aircel.com/online-recharge/ or www.aircel.com .
In this link, if you try to recharge for pocket internet, then you will get a message like this: ‘The recharge denominations are currently not available for the selected category. Please select another category to recharge’.

What happened Aircel internet recharge problem

Availability of Top Up (Only for RS 50, 100 and 500) :

Aircel working top up recharge trick

In India many states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Rajastan, Kerala, Karnataka, etc are suffering this problem.

Many people called to customer care to know the reasons of this problem.
They said many reason in different calls like these:

Ø This is a temporary issue, this will solve soon.
Ø We are finding the reason of this issue.
Ø Aircel is maintaining existing offers and preparing new offers.
Ø When someone said about PORT to another network (Lean more here), then they replied: Aircel will come back with better offers than now, and then you will suffer if you change to another network now, take care. 

But common people and mobile shop owners are saying like these:

Ø One Aircel postpaid customer told: Aircel customer care called him and said "Tamil Nadu will take the control over Kerala circle, and all will okay within some days".
Ø Aircel will close or stop their service soon due to their loss.
Ø We don’t know / we have no idea about this issue.
Ø Network problems and will fix soon.
Ø Another network will buy the Aircel.
Ø Another circle will take control over on these issued circles.
Ø Aircel is discussing with other company for selling Aircel.
Ø Please PORT (change to another network) as fast before closing Aircel completely.
Ø In next month (December 2012), a final decision will come by Aircel.

What is true reason...?
In these issued circles, Aircel has many customers. Most are using Aircel internet facility than other network. They made many network towers by spending lakhs of money. They bought internet spectrum and network operator license by spending crore of money. If Aircel close suddenly, then all Aircel customers will lose their phone number, then all customers may go to court.  So possibility to stop Aircel services in these circles is low… So let’s wait…

Published on : 27/11/2012 23:58

Updated Notes:
After 3 months, Aircel stopped all their services from Kerala. They allowed free sms for PORT to another network using coverage in City. If you face any problems listed above, then that may be the sign of stoping their service in your area. So it is good to change your network to another as soon as possible (learn more here).


  1. i'm facing the problem and Aircel should do something ASAP tο prevent a huge loss of customers

  2. Me too experiencing the same problem. There are no new recharge vouchers available from local retailers. They also saying that aircel will stop their services soon and they have already stopped most of the offers and no new voucher distribution.

  3. Aircel offers working in kerala(kannur) recharge rs 48 get 1gb internet for 1 month

  4. they are saying that on december 7 the offers will be back,,wait and see that...

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Some told me such an opinion...

  7. better to port. i was an aircel customer since 2009. and am very much satisfied with the company,,,but now am compiled to port my number.am choosing idea network . and plan to come back to aircel after 90 days if they resumes there services or stay with idea...what an idea sirgi

  8. It is a good idea... Then you will not loss your favorite number in any way. And you can come back to Aircel after 90 days... More about port

  9. it is not necessory for a normal customer to know who is the owner ,,,but it is really beneficial to the customers to any other gsm provider in kerala...clear billing,,,full talk time (rs 30,50...),,also very low tariff plan,,,,good coverage,,,,unlimited internet plan at very low amount with good speed ...what else to say ..if they stop there service it is a huge loss for all its valued customers...

  10. Yeah.. Aircel providing better services than others.. If they stop their services we will lose all above services..

  11. i have no idea ,what happened to aircel we people of customers of aircel didn't get any type of recharge to our connection.

  12. in karnataka (belgaum) only recharge problem is there,when i asked about this to ccare officer they told that they're closing their service in many districts on end of December and also send awareness sms about porting to all customers so guys porting is best option

  13. aircel is going to stop in kerala ...click on the below link...http://digitalpaper.mathrubhumi.com/c/557771...port to other network soon as possible is better..otherwise they are suddenly stop there network coverage in one day ...so with out coverage how can we send porting sms...??? so port ur number


  15. Thought Aircel would be too good to be true, they have the best call rates, internet offers and free customer care. Something this good doesnt last forever.

  16. in gujarat , various consumers are facing problem.. this matter surely needs to be sent to the court

  17. im frm karnataka. Im doing all type of recharges of aircel.... Including pocket internet. Ghrhr6@gmail.com

  18. still confused to which service i port to

  19. Yes, Me too facing the same problem. No offers, no recharge options, Lack of coverage in some places & at some times where there was enough coverage. Heard they will stop service by 31st. Better port to other service providers. Airtel & Vodafone lacks offers. My options left are only Idea.

  20. aircel is the best service for internet in india i m from visakhapatnam,andhra pradesh. i heard that they r redesigning their services to provide much better than before services

  21. aircel no network in solapur.98 rs loss.Is aircel bieng closed.it gave nice services like unlimited 2g internet.

  22. Aircel closing service in gujarat ,rajasthan ,haryana and mp . So aircel custmer do mnp earlier

  23. If you PORT to another network, then your old balance and offers will loss.

  24. Now Aircel started to stop network coverage from different towers. So please change your network to another(MNP)to keep your favorite mobile number. SMS rate to send porting message from Aircel is free now. Learn more about MNP here

  25. Aircel gujarat ,rajasthan, mp , haryana me band hone wali he .

  26. i m from haryana , i m lost my aircel number, no aircel store in haryana , any solution pls help me?

  27. Just port to another network. For changing to another network, no need of Aircel store. Just send a sms as PORT to 1900 (Toll free only from Aircel). Learn more about port here. After sending sms, you will get a unique number. Then go to any mobile shop with this unique number , your one photo and any your identity proof. With in 1 week you network will change.

    1. n wht abt mumbai, will aircel stops it service in mumbai???

  28. If Aircel is active in Mumbai, then I think, Aircel will not stop their services in Mumbai circle. But if it is not available now, then it will not back.

  29. I think, aircel will stop their whole services from India

  30. Same problem here.....

    I deactivated 3G by dialing *122# & selecting 'STOP 3G' & after few hours I activate the same by selecting 'START 3G'. Now I am able to surf in 3G. : )





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