speed up computer using pen drive by considering as ram

Nowadays latest computers are developing with high performance. The memory size of your RAM depend the speed and performance of a computer. In this world most of people are using old computer with RAM size of 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or 4GB. Here if you open more applications or software on your system, then you may feel low system speed or hang out.
To avoid this problem, you have to increase the capacity of RAM. Cost of a RAM is very high. So by using this trick, you can use your pen drive as RAM. Sousing a single pen drive, you can increase the performance and speed of your computer.

For implementation of this trick:

Ø Connect your pen drive to computer.
Ø Open ‘Computer’ (Window key + E).
Ø Now you can see your pen drive as a drive. Right click on it, from given context menu, take properties.

speed up computer using pen drive by considering as ram

Ø Now you will get the Properties window.
Ø Go to ‘ReadyBoost’ tab. Then you can see an option ‘Speed up your system by utilizing the available space on this device’ as ‘Do not use this device’. Change this option (radio button) to ‘Use this device’.
Ø Then set memory size for system use as RAM. While the device is being used for system speed the reserved space will not be available for file storage.
Ø Then click on OK button. 

speed up computer using pen drive by considering as ram

Now you can feel more performance than before.


  •  If you want to remove your pen drive, change option to ‘Do not use this device’.
  •  Reserved memory will not get for your personal use until you eject it by above method.
  • This trick is only workable within modern operation systems like Window 7, 8 etc.
  • Actually this trick will increase your virtually memory capacity not real RAM (Random access memory).
  • Enjoy with a better performing system than earlier.

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