How to Hide or Show Desktop Icons

Can you hide all your desktop icons? Is it possible to hide all desktop icons..? If you can hide all your desktop icons, then what is the use of your Windows desktop? Nothing?In all Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc, normally desktop icons are visible. But Microsoft allows hiding desktop icons. What is the profit of this hiding tip?

I don’t know, just for fun? I found Microsoft gives this funny facility in all their Operating systems versions like Windows XP, Windows 7. Even though Windows remove nice facilities such as Analog Clock on desktop, other desktop gadgets from new OS version like Windows 8, but Windows keeps funny facility like hiding desktop icons in all their versions.
Let us leave Microsoft on their way and lets driven with our own ways. But now let’s see how to hide all desktop  icons simply. Hiding desktop icons is one of the ways to protect your desktop data from others. But you cannot hide desktop icons from user desktop folder (Computer -> C Drive -> User -> <your user account> -> Desktop).By folder hiding method, you can hide folders from desktop (see more  here).
Here, let us see how to hide your desktop icons.
Ø Right click on desktop.
Ø From given context menu, click on ‘View’.
Ø In new list, remove tick mark (uncheck) of “Show desktop icons” to hide your desktop icons.

how to hide or show desktop icons

What are the advantages of this hiding? 

I already told you that I could not find any much profit of this hiding method
  •  Fun with kids and newbie’s 
  •  Hiding desktop icons from newbie’s (Normal user can know this tip) 
  •  You can keep desktop always clean 
 If you know any big profit of this hiding, then tell me.

  •  If any newbie got such hided desktop, he may think that due to virus affection and he may format the system. 
How to show hidden desktop icons: 
Same step,
  1. Right click on desktop. 
  2. From given context menu, click on ‘View’. 
  3. Give a tick (check) on show your hidden desktop icons.

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