Bone Muscle Problems and Solutions of Computer Use

Since some years ago, only IT professionals have been working on computer up to 10 hours every day. Nowadays, the use of computer increased. Many are using computer for personal and business purposes regularly.

Common peoples are spending much time on computer for entertainments. Also many are spending much time on Facebook, Google Plus etc. If you can’t control the use of computer user self, you are a computer addict. Excess use of computer will cause many problems.
We already discussed eye problems of computer use early. Now let us discuss the bone-muscle problems of computer use.

Among IT professionals, 67% of peoples are suffering bone-muscle problems. Nowadays common peoples are using computer than IT professionals. So chance for bone- muscle problems in common peoples is very high. You might not suffer any problems now, but that may come later. Mainly such problems affect your neck, back, legs, etc.

What are main reasons for bone-muscle problem in computer users?

  • Sitting as bended back. 
  • Sitting very close to monitor. 
  • Incorrect placement of legs. 
  • Sitting with bended neck. 
  • Sitting for Long time in front of the computer. 
  • Calling mobile phone by placing between head and ear. 
  • Etc 

How can we prevent and avoid these diseases or problems

  • Choose a proper chair according to height of the user. 
  • Sit with straight back, straight head and straight looking. 
  • Place your legs with treading to floor clearly. 
  • Sit as little away from monitor with downers shoulder. 
  • Back support of chair should be more than 100 degree. 
  • Use good safe chair instead of local chair. 
  • Use any smooth cotton cloth on the chair. 
  • Arrange mouse in a good position (not in too top or too down position). 
  • If you want to type by reading from a paper, then arrange that paper in a proper position, there you can see paper without bending your neck or back. 
  • Walk little after each one hour. 
  • Often drink pure water. Try to drink 2 liters of water every day. (Minimum 1.5 litter) 
  • Habituate exercise every day like relaxation therapy, respiration exercises, etc.
Let's use our computer according to above points and avoid bone-muscle problems.

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