Saving a Web Page as PDF without any Software

In some cases, we have to save a web page. Usually all will press ‘ctrl’ + ‘S’ to save a web page as HTML or completely. But in both cases, your format of your saved page is in html format.
 So if we open that page, its alignment may be changed according to different browser. And you must need internet connection to load saved page completely or to get full functions of page.

This is a simple method to save any web pages in PDF (Portable Document Format) extension.

save web page as pdf using chrome wihout softwareAdvantages of this method:
  • Simple to save 
  • No further software needed without a browser. 
  • Never lose web site navigation or alignments (page should load completely) 
  • High quality picture and fonts 
  • Out file is in PDF format, it is portable and very simple to read with any free PDF reader like adobe reader.
Disadvantages of this method
  • As the output file is in PDF format, it gives only the function of read. So you saved files never give you any function of saved web page like pressing a button or animation without reading content. 
  • If saved page is not loaded completed, you may lose its alignment.
Now let see how to save a web page as PDF without any convertor software.
First, you have to open web page you want to save on Google Chrome browser. After complete loading, press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘P’ or click on Chrome’s control and customize button, from given menu, select ‘Print’.
Now Chrome will open their print preview window with settings. You can see a button to change destination. Click it.

save web page as pdf using chrome wihout software

 From given list, select ‘Save as PDF’ as local destination.

save web page as pdf using chrome wihout software

Then click on ‘Save’ button.

save web page as pdf using chrome wihout software

 Now ‘Save As’ window will open to set destination and save file. Choose a location and click on ‘Save’ button. 
Done. Now you are successfully saved your web page as PDF. Now go to saved destination, and read PDF while you are free.

  1. Without any software implies that you don't even need an operating system.... just sayin'


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