Google Chrome Crashes and Causes to Restart Computer

solve why chrome crashes entire computer restart

             Nowadays Google chrome is the fastest browser among the world. Thousands of peoples are using Google chrome for internet browsing. Some alignment and not loading are the common problems of Google chrome. But, some peoples also facing a hanging and crashing of Google chrome

         This handing and crashing problem is not like the hanging of other software. Here, suddenly chrome become hangs and signal from CPU to monitor will lose, so user can’t see anything on his monitor, and he should restart his computer to recover from this problem.
Already many had sent many feedback to Google chrome for proper solutions, but they are still finding the reasons of these problems. And there are no proper solutions announced from Google yet.

These are four tips to rid from these problems.
  •  Complete Virus scanning and deleting viruses with a daily updated anti-virus. (Use premium antivirus instead of free versions, like use Avira premium with internet security instead of Avira free antivirus without internet security)
May some viruses will cause to this problem. By daily virus scanning you can avoid this error.
  •   Update Chrome using default chrome settings. (Settings -> Help).
In new version of chrome, they might find the reason and correct the issue.
  •  Uninstall current chrome version and download & install another version.
This problem may due to the current chrome version. Try with another version to rid this hanging.
  • Download and use Portable Google Chrome.
We found this method is perfect to avoid this issue. If you are using portable Chrome, then this problem never come. So Infolet recommend this method as a proper solution.
  • If all above solutions are not stop the unexpected Google chrome crashes, then uninstall your windows and re-install windows and chrome. (We found this is a working solution, but more works needed). 
If Good chrome is still crashing, then just forget Google chrome then use another browser like Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

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