Motion Sickness: Reasons and Solutions

Do you vomit during traveling??? Vomiting while traveling is one of the major problem for a person who want or like traveling but he can't.
No one does not like vomiting at any time or at any condition.

Following things may cause to vomiting in some peoples according to their body behavior:
  • Food is not compatible to stomach 
  • Poison in food 
  • Headache 
  • Some scenes 
  • Some smells 
  • Jaundice and yellow fever 
  • Viral Fever 
  • Peptic ulcer 
  • Diseases in Pancreas 
  • Hepatitis 
  • Cancer 
  • Diseases and injuries in head 
  • Travelling 
  • Etc 

Avoid Prevent motion sickness vomiting during travelling

If we are going to a nice journey, then if we vomit, then journey become bad and bore. So such peoples depends plastics covers and cotton cloths.

Normally long road, air or sea journeys causes to vomiting than short journey. Vomiting during travelling is known as ‘Motion Sickness’.

Why some peoples vomit during travelling...

In inner side of our ears contain a part known as ‘Vestibular System’. It reaches body moving signals to brain. So brain can control whole body balance well. But during travelling, body does not move and no much movement in case of eye sight. But ‘Vestibular System’ captures the movement of the vehicle. So brain gets two signals. One is stationary signals from eye and another one is moving and vibrating signals from ‘Vestibular System’. Here both signals are opposite signals. One is moving and one is stationary. So brain become confuses and brain can’t control all body activities as well. Different vision of eye and balance will causes problems in stomach. So stomach responses for its problems by vomiting.

How to Avoid this Motion Sickness?
  • If you are aware about following points, then you can simply prevent vomiting during traveling. 
  • Sit at the front seat of the vehicle. 
  • Don’t read anything during traveling. 
  • Avoid game playing during journey. 
  • Avoid smoking and beverage drinking. 
  • Don’t eat anything just before of the journey.
  • Don’t eat food with more cholesterol and oil. 
  • Avoid over eating. 
  • Avoid foods with salts. 
  • Avoid foods of milk and their products. 
  • Open side door of the vehicle to get fresh air. 
  • Look to outer side of the vehicle and enjoy the beauty of nature. 
  • Don’t sit on seats located over wheels of the vehicle. 
  • Some tablet medicines are available to prevent such vomiting. But that is not good way. 
  • If you get any symptoms of vomiting, then look to outer side and run your eye to different things as fast. You may Smell and eat lemon. 

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