Solve The modem is already in use or is not configured properly Error

Tip Abstraction:
        This tips shows how to fix the error "The modem is already in use or is not configured properly" that occur when you trying to connect Internet

If you are using a dial up connection with a portable modem, then you may familiar with this error when you trying to connect to internet.
Solve fix rid error 633 the modem or other connecting device is already in use or is not configured properly

Error 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly.

Error 633 modem is already use or not configure properly

Most of people will restart their computer to rid from this error. Errors or problems in modem or connections to modem will make this problem. Also Windows errors may cause to this problem.
However, log off or disconnecting and reconnecting of modem with new USB ports will not solve this problem.

How to fix this error ?
Nevertheless, here are 4 proper solutions to fix this error: 
  1. Remove and add modem driver. 
This method is the best and 99% working solution to solve this error without restarting your computer.

For this method:
  • Firstly open ‘Control Panel’. (Make sure icons are large or small instead of category, learn more here
  • Look for ‘Phone and Modem’ and open it. If you are first time to open this setting, then you have to select a location and type any area code. 
  • Then go to ‘Modems’ menu tab.
error 633 remove add modem drivers

  • Now you can see a list modems. Select your current using modem, and then click on button ‘Remove’. 
Remove a modem to rid error 633
  • Click on ‘OK’ button from confirmation message box.
  • Now click on ‘Add’ button. 
  • Now ‘Add Hardware Wizard’ window will open. 
  • Click next. 
Error 633 installing modem drivers
  • Now Windows will automatically install modem driver from your connected modem. (Here modem already contains its drivers, or you have to install separate drivers for your modem). 
Error 633 modem driver installed successfully
  • After successful installation of modem driver, click ‘Finish’ button. 
  • Now try to connect to internet. You can connect successfully… sure.
      2. Wait and Reconnect 

This is a simple method. But this method will not work always. Just wait about 1 – 5 minutes, then try to reconnect, you may connect to internet. 

     3. Connect / Dial with another connection

If your computer contains more connections to connect to same network through same modem, then try to connect with another connection. If you have no more connection, then just create a new connection and try to connect.  

error 633 connect with another connections

    4. Restart your computer 

This is the final and working method. Just restart your computer and reconnected.

  1. Thanks for the tip #1
    (when using a Vaio with Win8)

  2. Hi,
    I am using an MTS Mblaze Ultra, and its been working fine till day before yesterday, I have not made any SW or HW changes to my Samsung NP355V5C laptop which runs windows 8, Two days back, after I restarted the system and tried to connect the dongle, It gave me a message "A connection to the remote server couldn't be established, You might need to change the settings, i;e Error 720". I tried reseating it, no go. Called MTS Tech support and was adviced to uninstall and reinstall the application, did that but didn't work and they scheduled an onsite visit for me.
    I tried doing system restore to an earlier date when it was working fine, but didn't work. Checked the device manager and found yellow exclamation mark (!) on the WAN Miniport IP, WAN Miniport IPV6 and the WAN Miniport Network Monitor, Tried to uninstall and reinstall them but it wasn't working, so i followed the steps given here -, got them removed restarted the sys and tried to connect my Mblaze again, Got a new error this time, "The modem is already in use or not configure properly, i;e error 633" I tried to assign a different port, no go. Tried all the troubleshooting steps provided on the previous threads related to this error, but it didn't work.
    Next day the MTS Onsite tech came in and found that the device is fine as it worked good on his laptop, he even tried to check with an identical device on my laptop, that didn't work either. He left suggesting to reinstall the OS which i don't want to do.
    Please Help...!!!

  3. Try these methods:
    * Remove/Delete your device from 'Device and Printer' (Search on Control Panel)
    * Follow the stops mentioned on this post (remove modem), do not add now.
    * UnInstall the modem software
    * Un Plug your modem
    * Restart your Laptop
    * Plug in on another USB port without any extension
    * If you still getting problem, Open 'Device and printer', if your modem has a yellow symbol, right click and 'troubleshoot',
    * Reinstall the OS is the ultimate way

  4. Thank You !!! for your reply, that was even quicker than microsoft, I will try these steps today and will update you :)

  5. I have huawei tata photon plus modem and now im getting this error, i have tried everything suggested above except reinstalling, unfortunately i cant do it, so is there any other fix for this error?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Try all steps including suggestions to Vishwajeet Yaduvanshi


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