What is First Aid? Importance of First Aid

Do you know, First Aid is the First Step to the Return Life ?
Accident is one of our life mates. He will come to us at any time in any place without any warning. At the time of accident, if we or others are lazy, then we can’t return the life of the patient to normal.

But at the time of accident, if we do some suitable works at possible time and correct way, then we can protect the life of patients. That is the First Aid.

First aid box treatment protect life from accident

What is the First Aid? - Definition of First Aid 

At the time of accidental accidents or diseases, before getting expert treatments or doctors, there are some primary treatments to protect the life of patient or to reduce the complicity of accident. Such primary treatments are known as First Aid.
If a patient does not get any first aid treatment, then complicity of accident become serious. That may lose the life of the patient. For example, Patient with a snake poison becomes more serious if he does not get any first aid treatment before getting a doctor. Or in a vehicle accident, over bleeding will make more problem to patient.

History of First Aid

First Aid treatment is very old according to human life. Old peoples adopted many First Aid ways according to their eon. Like the removing of arrow from body of patient in war land. But now First Aid becomes more scientific with more simple and easy treatment.

Dr. S. Mark is known as father of First Aid. He was the general surgeon of German army. He wrote first official book about First Aid. In old age, many were applied many First Aid treatments to patient with many ways. But the term ‘First Aid’ was firstly embraced in 1879 officially.

How is the First Aid? How can we do First Aid?

First Aid includes 3 steps.
  1. Sudden and proper works for escape the patient from accident. 
  2. Check the status of patient and density of accident, and then make proper First Aid. 
  3. Proper and correct treatments 
First step is the first and sudden works by someone who saw the accident. That may like removing electricity connection to escape from electric shock or like escaping someone from water to prevent from drown. 
What is First Aid at Shock Accident how to
Second step includes:
  • Check the breath and palpitation 
  • Check injuries in patient. 
  • Take the more First Aid treatments. 
  • Check the body of patient to find bending of bones. 
  • Check the breath air for smell of poison or alcohol. 
  • Collecting information about the patient and convey accident information to his relatives. 
Third Step includes :
  • Reach the patient to a good hospital or a doctor. 
  • For traveling to hospital, it is not good to calling a small vehicle like three wheel auto instead of an ambulance. 
  • Beware the patient carefully at vehicle. 
People who do First Aid 

Anyone can do First Aid treatment. He or She should have a nice mind with much kind. But nowadays peoples are not considering such accidents, because all are busy. But he or she does not think, if that patient is he or she. 
  • He should have some kind to patients 
  • Never try to any desperately. 
  • He should keep the details of patient and details of his injuries. 
  • He reaches the patient to doctor and describe about accident and injuries. 
Ref: Dr. B. Pathmakumar.

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