Counting Multiple Items in a Single Window

APK Multi Counter is a product of APK Products made by Noramally, counters are using for counting numbers, letters and other items (salath, dikr, etc in case of muslims).

Normal counter allows counting one item at a time. For example, if you count the number of ‘orange’, then you can’t count the number of ‘apple’ at a time. Here you have to reset the number of ‘orange’ to count the number of ‘apple’. But APK Multi Counter allows counting unlimited items or elements at a time.

APK Multi counter for counting number items elements

In APK Multi Counter, if you want to count the number of ‘apple’ while counting number of ‘orange’, then you have to select the name 'apple' from items' list. Here no need to reset the current item to count another item.

Features of APK Multi Counter
  • Enables to count unlimited number of items. 
  • Simple to add new items 
  • Can add a new item with starting count other than zero (0). 
  • Confirmation before removing an item and before resetting a count. 
  • You can add more numbers to a count other than usual one by one method
  • You can less more numbers from a count
  • You may keep your APK Multi Counter as always top 
  • Enter key is allotted for normal increment. (one by one)
  • Database will update on each counter update
  • Easy Support and help
  • It is a free software. You can use in any computer and feel free to share with your friends and relatives 
How to Install APK Multi Counter

The setup file is a common exe extension setup. Simple to install and uninstall by normal ways.
To install, just double click on setup file of APK Multi Counter.
If you install this software by ‘Run as Administrator’, then that is better for better performance.

APK Multi counter for counting number items elements

How to Use APK Multi Counter

APK Multi Counter is a user friendly software. So it is very simple to use this software.

APK Multi counter for counting number items elements

Main options of this software includes
  • A – The item or element you were selected from items’ list. 
  • B - To add a new element to this list. 
       When you click on this button, a new window will open,

APK Multi counter for counting number items elements

  •  L - The name of new item
  •  M – The starting count of new item. This is optional. Default value is zero.
  •  N – To add your new item to counter’s item list.
  • C - To remove selected item from list 
  • D – The name of selected item 
  • E – The count of selected item 
  • F – To increase the count by one (1) 
  • G – To add more numbers to your count (more than one)
  • H - to less more numbers from your count 
  • I – To reset the count of selected item to zero (0) 
  • J – If you tick on this box, your software will stand always on top of all other Windows opened applications. 
  • K – Indicates help and instructions. 
Troubleshooting with APK Multi Counter

APK Multi counter for counting number items elements add new
  • If you face above error, then uninstall your software and here is the solution.
  • You may need .Net framework to run this software. You can download .Net framework from here
  • For more help, contact us or comment below

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