High Speed Download Accelerator with Mozilla Firefox Trick

                        Nowadays, mobile phone is enough to internet surfing like Googling, Facebook chat, etc. But most are not using the mobile device to download large sized files and computer software. So we are using our laptop or desktop computer with broadband internet connection. Because in computer, it is easy to download and manage files.

If you connect a broadband connection with your mobile and PC, then PC will perform well while downloading than mobile device. Because many download managers are available to accelerate and manage your downloads.

In Windows there are many download managers and download accelerators like Free Download manager, IDM, DAP etc. But in Linux OS, there is no good download accelerator. Nevertheless if you are using Mozilla Firefox, there is a best Add-on to accelerate downloading speed up to 4x. That is the Firefox Add-on 'DownThemAll'.(Short of Download Them All)

Features of the Add-on DownThemAll 
  • It is a freeware and open-sourse Firefox Add-on 
  • Advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 4x 
  • Support Pause and Resume your downloads 
  • Easy to Use, fast and reliable 
  • Auto start the downloads when you click on a download link 
  • Supports parallel downloads at a time. 
  • You may set download location for each downloads 
  • Can limit the speed and number of downloads 
Now the maximum speed of internet connection reaches up to 1 Gbps in UK. In my college (Calicut University Campus), we are using a specialized connection of optical Fiber broadband provided by BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).

In our Computer Lab, Windows OS is filled with thousands of viruses, so all are using Linux (Ubuntu) for internet browsing and downloading. At first, download speed was very slow (according today's speed, but up to 5 MBps), then my friend Saleeq Mohammed told me about this Mozilla Add-on accelerator. After installing this Add-on, I get downloading speed up to 47 MBps, wow, it is amazing....!!! 

How to download and install  DownThemAll  Add-on
  1. Go this link (Add-on store of Firefox): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/downthemall/
  2.  ‎From given page, click on ‘Add to Firefox’.

    Downloading the Firefox Add-on DownThemAll
  3. Firefox will automatically download the Add-on.(you may confirm). After download, software installation window will open to install this Add-on. 
  4. Click on ‘Install Now’.

    Installing the Add-on DownThemAll

  5. After successful installation, you have to restart your Mozilla Firefox to enable this Add-on. 
How to Download a File with DownThemAll

No more steps needed to download a file with DownThemAll.
  • When you click on a download link, normal Firefox download window will open. It has many options, the selection may be on ‘save file’. Change to ‘DownThemAll’. OK.
Download Accelerator in Mozilla Firefox
  • Now another window will open with many options like destination of your download. Browse and select a folder to download your file and click on ‘Start’.
Download with mozilla firefox download accelerator
  • Now your file is downloading with speed up to 4x.
 Download files with 4x speed with Mozilla Firefox

If you choose ‘dTa OneClick’, you can avoid next window of selecting the destination folder. Here the download destination folder is the previous download location.

Direct download with DownThemAll add-on

NB: This Add-on is also available in Mozilla firefox with Windows Operating System and available as an Extension in Google Chrome browser. But only Mozilla FireFox with Linux performs well

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