Installing Turbo C in Windows 7 or 8 with 64 bit OS

TC (Turbo C) works well on Windows XP. But in new Operating Systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8 it works well in 32 bit Operating System(OS) with smaller size of window size. But you may increase its screen size by some tips. But in Windows 64 bit OS, you can’t install Turbo C. Because TC is a 16 bit application.

If you install TC on a 64 bit Windows OS, then Windows will show a message like this:
This app can’t run on your PC
        To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher    

this app can't run on your pc

How to solve this error? That is, how to run TC on a 64 bit OS?

There is an x86 Emulator with Dos known as DOSBox. Which support to run 16 bit application with DOS. If we download DOSBox on your system, it is very difficult to configure to work TC. So it is better to download DOSBox modified (modded) version of Turbo C. So no need to further configuration.

You can download DOSBox modified Turbo C from here

  • Free use and share
  • Simple installation
  • Supports in Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8.
  • Supports in both 64 bit and 32bit(x86) OS.
  • Supports full without further configuration.
After successful downloading and installation your Turbo C shortcut will be on your Desktop with icon of MS Dos. Open and enjoy coding.

Which is the location for your saved file (Normally Bin directory)


  • Press windows key twice to minimize or return to Windows without closing the Turbo C
  • Press Alt + Enter get full screen.
Thanks to Mohit Saxena (Developer of this DOSBox modified Turbo C)

Turbo C Alternatives

There are somanay C compilers and IDE are available. But some of them are shareware (Borland C IDE, MS Visual Studio, etc). I recommend these two C/C++ IDE which are freeware and easy to use than Turbo C..!

  1. Code::Blocks

    codeblocks turbo c alternative

    An excellent C/C++ IDE with default GCC compiler. Coding are almost same as coding in Turbo C.
    • Freeware and Opensource))
    • Cross-platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac
    • Support multiple compiler like GNU, Borland etc
    • Easy to use with mouse and keyboard.
    • Tabbed interface
    • Fast and reliable
    • Support for parallel builds
    • Workspaces to combine multiple projects
    How to download and install Code::Blocks?
    • You can download Code:Blocks from their official download page.
    • Download the file with GCC compiler (so no need to install a new compiler). Size approximately 100MB
    • After successful download, install like normal installation (don't forget to select GCC compiler).

    How Create a C file with Code Blocks?

    • Open File tab
    • Create New project
    • Select Console application as template
    • Go and Next
    • Select C
    • Give project title and select a folder to create project in.
    • Next and Finish
    • From left list, extract sources and double click on main.c
    • Enjoy Coding

    How to Build and Run a project ?
         You have to build your program before running. Without successful build, you can't find the changes in running mode.
    • For Build: Build tab => Build (Ctrl + F9)
    • To run: Build tab => Run (Ctrl + F10)
    • Or Build and Run together: Build tab => Build and Run (F9)
build compile run codeblocks project
  1. Dev C++

    Dev C++
    is the second recommending IDE. But its interface contains some default extra line of codes like importing namespace.
    • You can download Dev C++ from their official download Page (Donwnload forget to download Dev C++ with GCC compiler)

Turbo C is most using C compiler among the world. If you have still facing any problem with Turbo C, then use Codeblocks or Dev C++.

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