How to Make a Google Search Result on a Browser New Tab

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        Instead of opening a website on same tab from Google search result, you can open it on a new tab always.

Search engines like Google have a great roles in finding website and webpages. Among the search results, opened pages may not be the correct data those we want. Back button gives you the same search engines’ search results. But if you lose the search result page, you have to search with same keyword to get same search result. You know, a little change in search keyword gives you different search results. If you open searched websites or webpages in a new tab, you can keep your search results without loss.

This article shows you how to open your Google search results always  in a new tab.

Method 1: Using Google Search Setting

Google gives you this service to open search result in new tab. But you need to enable this.
  • Open Google search settings:
  • There is an option with a check box: Open each selected result in a new browser window
  • Tick (check) the check box. Then Save. Done. Now your Google search result links will open in a new tab. This is the permanent way to open Google result pages in a new tab by a single mouse left click.
    Open each selected result in a new browser window
Method 2: Traditional Way

This is the common method to open a link in a new tab or window. Just right click on a blue link of search results, from given context menu select open link in new tab to open webpage in a new tab or open link in new window to open webpage in a new window. This works well not only in Google search results, but also in all links on web. 

google search result in new tab windows

Method 3: Using Mouse Scroll Wheel Button

You know mouse has a third button under scroll wheel. This button is using to open a web link in a new tab. So clicking on a search result link using scroll button gives you the page in a new tab. So this is the effortless way to open a search result or any link on a new tab. In Firefox, if you click on shift key while mouse scroll wheel button click, it will open link in a new tab with focusing that tab.

Method 4: Using Mozilla Firefox

This is not a way to open a link in a new tab. This method will used to open search result page in a new tab. Links on search result are normal links. That is, if you open a page link from search result, it will open in same tab. 

For this:
  • Type opera:config on your Mozilla Firefox address bar. Now Firefox configuration list will open. 
  • Filter and navigate to 
  • Now its value is false, double clicking on this will make the value true. firefox search in new tab

NB: This method works with Firefox's search box for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia etc

firefox search result in a new tab

If you have any other way, then please share to our readers..

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