How to Change Visibility of Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status

                          Nowadays Whatsapp is getting more popular day by day. I think Whatsapp is the most using and popular mobile number based app than other apps like kik. Whatsapp has more than 300 million active users. Now Facebook established a relation with Whatsapp by spending much money.

How Whatsapp became such a popular app?

Whatsapp messenger
  • Background running. No need to open and close Whatsapp. It is always ON and working. You can be offline by disabling the mobile internet connection. 
  • Fast. Chatting is faster than other messengers like kik, Facebook. 
  • Reliable. You know, Whatsapp is based on mobile number. That is mobile number is using instead of username. So no need to log in with a user name and password. Every Whatsapp account is connected with a unique mobile number.
  • Easy to share Pictures, Videos, Audios and Contacts.
  • Also share your Location as Map
  • Simple to block a person. 
  • Privacy. One user is connected another. 
Now Whatsapp implement a new privacy option to set visibility of Last Seen, Profile Picture and Status. You may familiar with ‘Profile Picture and Status’. Then what the ‘last seen’ mean?

If a user/friend is online, you can see he/she as ‘Online’  on his/her page.

whatsapp friend user member is online

If she/he is not in online, you can see the time, that when she/he last looked on Whatspp. That is the ‘Last seen’ of a user. Example: If Last seen is ‘Last seen today at 9:37pm’, it denotes his/her last seen on Whatsapp was today at 9:37pm. 

whatsapp last seen option privacy

By looking this option, you can know when someone came here or someone were there until a time. 

Here this last seen option may be affect you privacy. So Whatsapp added a new option to set the visibility of ‘Last seen’. Also you can set the visibility of your profile picture and status.

How to Change the Visibility of ‘Last seen’, ‘Status’ and ‘Profile Picture’ ?
  • Open Whatsapp 
  • From menu, go to Setting 

whatsapp setting for privacy

  • Choose Account, then Privacy 
  • There, you can see option to set visibility of your personal info. To change the visibility of ‘Last seen’, click on ‘Last seen’.

    whatsapp privacy who can see your personal info

  • Select any one from list: 
whatsapp last seen every one, my contact and nobody

Every One: Anyone can see your Last seen time who has your mobile number on their contact list.
My contacts: Peoples in your contact list can see your Last seen time.
Nobody : None can’t see your Last seen time.

Like this, you can set the visibility for ‘Profile photo and Status’.

Demerit of this option: 

If your visibility of your Last seen is Nobody, you also can’t see the Last seen of any person. But can see as online if they are in online.

Other Problems I found with Whatsapp :
  • There is no option to hide your availability. Like hiding of Last seen, they should include an option to set visibility of availability (online). Also option to set availability to a particular user like Facebook. 
  • Whatsapp is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian etc. But not available as a computer application (for Windows, Linux, Mac) and as a web application (as a site). 
  • There is no option to backup chat history.
  • There is no option to edit/delete sent messages (Skype allows) 
  • Maximum member of a group is limited to only 50
  • There is no option to add more admin or change admin power to someone else. Admin can’t delete useless or unsuitable messages. 
  • There is an option to know the messages were successfully sent and delivered. But there is no way to know whether the sent messages were read or not. (Kik allows) 
[NB: Some of problems can be solve by indirect ways]

Now Facebook handling the control of Whatsapp, so lets hope all limitations and problems will solve soon....

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