How to Android Applications like WhatsApp, Kik on Computer

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        There are many possible ways to run almost android applications on your personal computer.

              Nowadays the use of SMS (Short Message Service) is decreeing day by day. Why we need SMS? Now mobile messengers like Whatsapp, Kik, etc replace the use or SMS. Because anyone can send messages like SMS to anyone who already registered on Whatsapp or Kik. Now you may think that, it is too difficult, because all have to registered on Whatsapp or Kik or like that. Nowadays the number of active members on Whatsapp and kik are amazing. Whatsapp has more than 465 million active users and kik has more than 100 million active users. Out of 2 billon of internet users, about more than 600 million peoples are using messengers like Whatsapp, Kik, etc That is, once in 3 are using one of these messenger services. So why need the SMS. No need to spend money by sending SMS. Just you need an internet connection on your mobile phone or computer. A single SMS supports only text messages with 140 characters. If you write SMS with more than 140  characters, it will count as two text messages. If you add picture or videos on your messages then your mobile message become more costly and complicated.

But by an internet connection, messenger like Whatsapp, kik etc can give amazing services. Some of features of these messengers from normal text messages are: 
  • Fast and accurate. 
  • Can send unlimited number of audios, videos, images including texts. 
  • Can understand whether the send messages were read or he/she is online or not. 
  • Auto run apps; no need to start this applications, it is always ON with an internet connection. 
  • Privacy; a member is connected with another member. 
You know, these applications are available for Android, iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Windows phone etc, but not available for computer. 99 parentage of users are using these apps on their mobile phone, but 1% are using these apps on their PC…!! How it possible…??

There are some software to play or run your android apps on your computer like Bluestacks, YouWave etc. Here, this article describes how to run android apps on your PC with Bluestacks player.
First of all, download Bluestacks and install on your computer. You know Bluestacks and YouWave are not a free software, but their limited free version or beta version are available with free of cost.

Successful installation will associate .apk files with them. That means, now you can run android apk files on your computer with Bluestacks.

How to use Whatsapp Messenger on your PC with Bluestacks? 
how to run whatsapp kik on pc computer bluestacks

You know, now you can run .apk files like Whatsapp on your PC. You need the android version of Whatsapp that can download from their official website.

 [You can’t download apk files from Google Play Store directly to computer. If your mobile phone already has Whatsapp setup file, then copy to your computer]. 
  • Now double click on your downloaded Whatsapp apk file to open with Bluestacks
  • Now select your country, type your mobile phone. Now they will send a confirmation code to you mobile phone. Type that code on your Whatsapp. You may wait about 5 minutes to complete the initial process. 
Done. Now you can use Whatsapp like using Whatsapp on your Android phone. 

bluestacks whatsapp friend list

How to add contacts to your PC Whatsapp? 

Bluestacks is not an android OS. So there is no applications as contacts. But using Whatsapp, you can access and create contacts. 
  • Click on Menu button, open Contacts.

    add contacts to whatsapp bluestacks
  • Now contact list will open. In Menu, there is an option to add new contact.

    add new contacts to whatsapp kik
How to use Kik messenger on your Computer ?

Run kik Messenger on computer using bluestacks
Like the Whatsapp, you need the Android apk file of Kik messenger. Unfortunately their official website does not allow to download their app from computer. So you need to download from a mobile device. Then copy the app to your computer. Or search on Google for Kik apk file.
  • After successful download, double click on apk file to open with Bluestacks. 
  • If you are already a Kik user, Log In or create a new account with username and password. 
Done. Now you can use Kik on PC like an Android phone. 

bluestacks kik messenger friend list

After installing Bluestacks, on your desktop there should be a shortcut with name ‘Start Bluestacks’. Open this, you can see all your installed apps.

start bluestacks desktop shortcut

Like the running of Whatsapp and Kik, you can run most of android apps on your PC, but some limitations are there:
  • Can’t install some apps which need more graphics like Tumble Run game. Then you may get an error like this:
     "Apk Installation failed: INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE"
    (If your computer has more graphics you may run such apps) 
  • Can’t install apps which need more internal memory. Then you may get an error:
    (try to install again and again, you may install)
  • Some of Apps are not fully functional. Example: Difficult to upload images. 
  • Incorrect screen resolution.
  • Difficult (may be impossible) to watch videos on Apps 
NB: Don't misuse Whatsapp or Kik messenger.

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