Which is the Best Messenger: WhatsApp or Kik

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        Differentiation and a move to find the best Messenger among Kik and WhatsApp

whatsapp vs kik which is the best messenger app
                    Nowadays messengers has a great role in sending messages to their friends without traditional text SMS system. In case of number of registered users, messengers like skype, Nimbuzz are the top messengers. But at this new generation, if we consider the number of active users, Whatsapp and kik are the most popular messengers.

        Whatsapp has more than 465 million active users and kik has more than 100 million active users. That is among 2 billon of internet users, about more than 600 million peoples are using one of the messengers Whatsapp or Kik or both. I use both Android version of Whatsapp and Kik messenger. If you are familiar with both messengers, can you say which one is best.?

Here is a differentiation between Whatsapp and kik to find the best messenger App. But the final decision is yours to select a best messenger.

Common Peculiarities of Whatsapp and kik messenger
  • Both are auto run applications. That is, no need to open Whatsapp or kik application to run. These are always ON whenever your phone is ON and working with an internet connection 
  • Fast for sending messages 
  • Can send images, videos, texts 
  • Can send images captured from camera directly 
  • Android, Symbian, iPhone, etc versions are available 
  • Can send messages even friends are in offline 
  • Can clear/delete past conversations 
  • Can block users those irritating you. 
  • Both support other languages than English
Special Features of Whatsapp

Special Features of Whatsapp messenger
Whatsapp is a mobile number based messenger. That is, you need a mobile number to register on Whatsapp. They use your mobile number as username. They will confirm your mobile number by sending a verification code. So you can search and chat anyone by getting his/her mobile number. If he/she is not a Whatsapp user, you may send invitation message.
  • Faster than Kik messenger 
  • Can upload videos (kik supports only sharing videos from youtube) 
  • Can upload audios also directly by mic recordings.
  • Can share your current place/position/location as a Map 
  • Can send contacts from your mobile phone. 
  • Can check the sent messages were delivered or not 
  • Can create groups up to 50 members (In kik, can’t create groups) 
  • Can create broadcast list. The Broadcast Message feature allows you to send a message to several of your contacts at once. (Up to 256 friends at a time) 
  • Can check whether a friend is online or not. If he/she is offline, you can see the time that when he/she seen at last in Whatsapp. 
  • Can change the visibility of Last Seen time, Profile Photo and Status (See more here
  • Hundreds of emoticons available whereas Kik has only 21 emoticons 
  • Can set your current status.
  • You can change the registered mobile number to another. Also you can delete your account. 
  • Can stop the auto-download of Medias 
  • Can set an image as background wallpaper. 
  • There is an option to check the network usage of Whatsapp.
  • Can set different tones for personal and group notifications and messages. Also you can ON/OFF vibration while notifications. 
Special Features of Kik
Special Features of Kik messenger
No need a mobile number to register on kik. That is, you need to set a username. So none can contact you without getting your username. But in whatsapp, can contact with you by getting your mobile number. It is easy to get a mobile number than user name. So it may affect your privacy.
  • Can check the sent messages were delivered and read. 
  • Can send videos by browsing YouTube. Also can send images, stickers, Sketches, Mems and Photo Bombs by browsing directly from the internet. 
  • Can add more peoples into a conversation. It may use as a group chat like groups in Whatsapp. 
Limitations of Whatsapp and Kik:

I already wrote some limitations of Whatsapp in another article. Also you may find many limitations of kik by reading the features of Whatsapp those listed above. You may noticed that, both are auto run applications. That is, no need to start and log in. So if anyone get your mobile phone, he can read all your private messages.

Final Decision

I wrote my discoveries and opinions about Whatsapp and Kik. Also you can find more features and limitations, also solutions. In my option Whatsapp is the best according to Kik. Now you are the judge to find a better messenger app among Whatsapp and Kik messenger.

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  1. there is also Line and Telegraph that you might want to look at.
    Line has an even larger user base and seems to do more than both.
    Whereas Telegraph encrypts all of your conversations, end to end.


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