Solve Image Thumbnail does not shows Image Icon

Tip Abstraction:
        What can we do if we can't see image as its image icons without opening on image viewer               Thumbnail images are the images that show instead of Medias’ icons. So we can see the small images of the media without opening. By looking thumbnails we can identify the media without opening them.
To show the thumbnail, your explorer View should be minimum Medium icons. Large icons and Extra large icons views also show thumbnail images.

In case of videos, it is very helpful. Thumbnail images of videos are the screenshots of the beginning of the videos. Actually Windows keeps the thumbnail images as hidden, and they set such images to corresponding media items. If those images get any error, then thumbnail images will not work.

One day my computer suddenly restarted. After restart, pictures does not showing thumbnail images. As first, I Log offed my user and login, then I restarted my computer, but windows still not shows the thumbnail as default icons.

Then I searched on internet for solution. I got many solutions, but all were not working. Finally I found the ultimate solution. It was the clearing the image caches by deleting error memory dump files.

Method 1:

Let us see the steps:
  • Open Computer (My computer) 
  • Right click on C drive, open Properties 
  • From C drive properties window, click on ‘Disk Cleanup’. 

In Disk Cleanup window, let us delete system files as first by clicking on ‘Cleanup system files’ button. Within seconds system cleanup process will complete.

Now let us delete user temporary saved files in C drive. We have to delete thumbnail cached memory, so ensure the ‘Thumbnails’ is selected in ‘Files to delete’ list.
Now just press on ‘OK’ button.

Confirm the deletion by the clicking on the ‘Delete Files’ button.

Done. This is the ultimate way that I found to solve the thumbnail image issue.

I think, above step will fix your thumbnail problem.

Method 2:

If not only image thumbnails, but also other thumbnails (like videos) are not working, then this way works well.
  • Go to Control Panel 
  • Open ‘Performance Information and Tools’. 
  • Click on ‘Adjust visual effects’. 
  • In Custom mode, ensure the ‘Show thumbnails instead of icons’ is enabled. 
  • OK 
Method 3:
  • Open a folder, Go to View Tab, then open ‘Options’. 
  • Go to ‘view’ tab, and ensure the option ‘always show icons, never thumbnails’ is unchecked. 
If all above steps are not working, then just remove selection of ‘Show thumbnails instead of icons’ by Method 2, then do the Method 1, then select ‘Show thumbnails instead of icons’ by Method 2. This will work well.

NB: Don’t try above steps for fun if you have any thumbnail problems.

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