Solve Error: Problem with Starting Telephony Service

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        This article shows how to fix a computer network error 'Problem with Starting Telephony Service'
The Windows Operating System is working under many process and services made by system and user. If we open a program, then it runs as a process under control of OS.

There are a lot of process and services made by operating system. But most of system processes run during startup and those are out of our control. We already learnt how to remove startup programs in a previous post. If we stop the automatic starting of those process forcefully, then that may affect the proper working of your Windows.

One day, one of my brother was playing games on my desktop computer. After his play, computer went to sleep. After an hour, I came back on my PC, when I press on a keyboard button, PC did not wake up. I press restart button and Windows got restarted. But I got an error message:
You have a problem starting telephony service.
In my case, this error was first. So for solving this error, I tried to search on internet. But I couldn’t see any internet dial up connection names those I made already on my PC.

Then I tried to open Phone and Modem in Control Panel, but I got again an error:
Phone and Modem control panel can not be opened. You may have a problem starting telephony service. 
phone and modem control panel can not be opened

But though a long way, I created a dial up connection, but I could not connect with internet due to this error:

This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose ‘Switch To’ to activate the busy program and correct the program.
 The action cannot be completed other program is  busy

Finally I found the reason of this problem. There is a system service called ‘Telephony’, that enables many startup process like network process, antivirus startup process, etc. In my case an unknown error disabled the working of telephony service. That affected the working of many other process mentioned above.

To solve this error, we have to run ‘Telephony’ service.

These are mainly 3 ways to run and manage the working of Telephony service.

1. Using services.msc
  • Open run prompt (‘Windows key’ + ‘R’). Type services.msc. Hit Enter key.
    From given all system services, locate to ‘Telephony’. You can check whether the Telephony process is running or not. If it is not running, right click, and ‘Start’.
  • If it is disabled, then double click on ‘Telephony’.
problem with starting telephony service
  • In first General Tab, select start up type as ‘Manual’ . (manual is the default startup type).
Telephony service properties
  • Ok, and restart the computer.
2. Using regedit
  • Open run prompt, type regedit. Press Enter key
  • Locate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TapiSrv
  • From the right list, double click on ‘Start’.
  • Value data indicate the startup time of ‘Telephony’ service.
               Automatic - 2
               Manual - 3
               Disabled – 4

Telephony service could not started on windows

         3 is the default value.

3. Using msconfig
  • Open run prompt, type msconfig. Press Enter key
  • Go to ‘Services’ tab.
  • Locate to ‘Telephony’. If it is disabled, then Enable.
Enable telephony service using msconfig
  • Restart your computer.
Come back to my case. I did most of ways. But my computer has gone on same error.

So finally I reinstalled my Operating System Windows 8. You know reinstalling the OS is the solution of most of errors.. lol

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