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        There are some websites to send free SMS in India with guaranteed and instant delivery
              SMS (short message service) is going to outdate. Because the presence of internet based messengers like Whatsapp, Kik, etc are replacing the use of sms. But a lot of people in India are still using sms service. Nowadays the cost of sending sms is very high. Or you have to recharge some sms offers. If you have an internet connection, then you can send free sms any where in India.

              There are a lot of websites allow you to send free sms across India. But most of them are not performing their functions. One day, I searched for a good website to send free sms in India.
In my view, the features of a good website which allows to free sms are:
  • Free sms without any cost 
  • Simple to registration and Log in or No registration required 
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited free sms
  • No captcha required 
  • No Advertisement or low ads 
  • No extra pages in between pages. 
  • Can send sms to DND registered users, etc
I searched for a website which contains features listed above. But unfortunately there is no website with all above qualities. Nevertheless, among dozens of sites, I found there are 3 sites those have some features  listed above (especially instant delivery) and also have some drawbacks.


Indyrocks is the site that I like most to send free sms in India. Indyrocks is not only a website to send free sms but also which allows to search and add friends, watch videos, etc.

instant delivery free sms service in india

Main features of indyrocks sms services are:

Instant delivery:

This site deliver sent sms within one second. In my experience, when I press on ‘send’ button, at same time, sms will deliver on receiver’s mobile phone. I didn’t see any site which deliver sms like indyrocks. You will not lose any sms.

High speed loading of pages:

Easy to open their homepage, sms sending page, sms success page, etc.


Sometimes, receivers will get you sms with sender is same as your mobile number. So receiver can’t understand that your messages was from indyrocks or internet.

No Ads in SMS:

Our sms should be pure. That is, they do not add any advertisement text or any other text even regarding their site on our sms.


Only 130 characters:

Normal length of a single sms is 160 characters, but indyrocks allows only 130 characters in a sms.

Maximum 50 sms in a day:

Indyrocks is not a website to send unlimited  free sms, you can send maximum 50 sms in a day. But if you create one more user accounts, then you can send 50 sms by each user.


Fullonsms is a site that I recommend for sending free sms after indyrocks. Like indyrocks, fullonsms also has some advantages and disadvantages.

free sms in india with 200 character length

Main Advantage:

Supports 200 characters:

You know the length of a normal sms is 160 characters. If you send more than 160 characters from your mobile phone, then that consider as two sms. But using fullonsms, you can send up to 200 characters in a single sms.


Delivery time:

It takes minimum 9 seconds (from my experience) to deliver sent sms. So it affect frequently instant sms chatting with someone. Some of sms will take up to an hour to deliver.

Too many extra pages and advertisements:

If we want to send again a sms from ‘sms sent successfully page’, they will go to another page between ‘send a new sms’ page. Intermediate page contains too many ads. Also their all pages contain may advertisements.

3. is a website which allows you to send free sms with earning money and get recharge.

Earn money by sending free sms in India


Delivery time:

Sms will deliver within 3 seconds to 10 seconds.

Earn money:

For every sms you send, you can earn 2 paisa. And for every log in you can earn 10 ps (once in a day). If your balance reach RS: 10, then you can recharge your mobile phone.


Too many pages and advertisements:

If you open, it redirect you to another page with lot of ads. To send a free sms, you have to pass many extra pages with a lot of ads.

Character Limit:

Ultoo limits the maximum number of characters in a sms is 140 characters. At the last of every sms, there should be a line like ‘sent via’.


For sending a sms, you should overcome a captcha by typing correct word seeing on image.

Daily SMS limit:

You can send only 50 sms in a day. Now they announced that the daily sms limit is 20. Also they are going to stop earning money by sending sms.

Slow site:

ultoo takes much time to open and loading their pages. I am using a dial up connection, if you are using a broadband or 3G connection, then this is not a problem.


I selected Indyrocks, fullonsms and ultoo as good websites for sending free sms based on instant delivery or fast delivery. You may find many other qualities other than instant delivery even sending sms without registration. That is, I gave importance for instant delivery. If you know more sites than these, then please share them with our readers..

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