Best Free Media Players for Windows

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        Here are five best free Media Players for Windows Operating Systems for playing Audios and Videos
Media Players are the software using for watching and hearing local and streaming audios and videos. There are hundreds of media players among the world. But here are 5 media players those I selected as best for Windows OS.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is the most recommending media player by me. There are so many reasons behind my recommendation. If we install VLC Media Player on our computer, then no need to find another media player to open a video or audio. Because VLC supports most of video and audio formats. One day I downloaded a video from internet, then I tried to open with Windows default Medea Player, but video worked well but the sound didn’t work. But when I opened same video on VLC, it worked fine with sound. Download VLC Player from here

  • Run most of video and audio formats 
  • Supports live audio and video streaming (Media menu => Streaming) 
  • Supports  many type of Aspect ratio for videos. 
  • Increase volume up to 400% (Extra 300% than normal volume) 
  • Latest version support watching videos as Anaglyph 3D with Red-Cyan glasses. (Tools=> Effects and Filters => Video Effects =>  Advanced =>   on/off Anaglyph 3D)
  • Space button can be used for pause and play 
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac. So that,I think the VLC Player is the most using media player among the world. 
  • Sometimes if we open VLC player, another small window will open with Building font cache.
    It says: Please wait while your font cache is rebuilt. This should take less than a few minutes. 

    This error window will open at first opening of VLC. If I get this error, I will Cancel and close VLC player. Then reopen. Now that windows should not appear.
2. Windows Media Player

Nevertheless the VLC is the most recommending media player, the Windows Media Player is the my favorite media player. In old Windows version like XP, their default Media player was not good. But in new versions like Windows 7, 8, they have a good Media player.

  • No more installation needed. It is default during installing the Windows 
  • Good style and attractive 
  • More clarity and sharper videos 
  • Pre-included tools like music ripping tool 
  • Automatic synchronization with connected device 
  • Supports media streaming from internet 
  • Can change album art of audio files 
  • Supports direct disc writing from media lists 
  • Does not play sound for some videos 
  • Does not support some media formats like .webm 
  • Sometime, if we open a media file, it shows an error:
Server execution failed
  • If we install codec pack for some formats like .3gp, then we can run such files with Windows Media Player. 
3. 321 Classic Media Player

Main peculiarity of Classic Media Player is their installation setup contains a set of codec pack named K-lite codec pack. We can select supporting formats during installation. If we install some formats, then we can play such formatted files on Windows Media Players. Download Classic Media Player from here.

  • Supports so many media formats 
  • We can customize shortcut keys (View => Options => Player => Keys) 
  • We can extra boost audio of playing media (View => Options => Internal Filters => Audio Switcher => Boost => Apply) 

In Windows 8, I can't run video files. I gets an error while playing medias:
Media Player Classic has stopped working.
 I thought this is due to problem of installing old version on Windows 8, but I am still getting same error even after installing separate version for Windows 8. It may be due to the problem of my PC or my Windows 8. But audio formats work well on my PC.

4. GOM player.

One day I tried to play .rm video file on my VLC player. But VLC did not support .rm files. So I searched on internet and I found the Gom Player. Download Gom Player from here.

  • It has 3 modes: Normal Mode, High Quality Mode and TV Output Mode 
  • Like Classic Media Player we can customize short keys and can boost sound 
  • Also so many video appearance changing tools are there. (Right click => Preferences => Video) 
  • When we double click on playing video, most of other media players become full screen with hiding task bar and seeking bar. But Gom does not . 
  • Their interface is not good (in my case, you might like). Even though, many are still using Gom player as their favorite media player. 
5. KM Player

KM Player is the next most using media player. I like its back interface. Download KM Player from here.

  • Supports many media formats 
  • Good black interface for audios as well as for videos 
  • Easy to capture images from videos. (Right click => Capture) 
  • So many options for video and audio customizing (right click => audio/video basic/ video advanced) 
  • Volume boosting upto 400%. 
  • When we open KM Player, a large window of player will open 
  • If we open a low resolution video, then it run as a high resolution video. (They can't set the player resolution according to the video resolution)
  • Can resize player window without depending video resolution ratio.

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