How to Download PDF, PPT, DOC Directly from Google Search Result

Tip Abstraction:
        It is possible to download Document type files like PPT, PDF, DOC etc directly from Google search result page
After a long time, I came back with an exciting tip. I think this tip is very helpful to you if you are a student.

saving pdf ppt swf doc directly from google search
If we want to learn about topic, we will open a search engine like Google then search, search result gives the webpages about our topic.
If the given content is a book or large data, it is difficult to open same site often. So we download such content as pdf or document form.

That is, document files like pdf, doc help to further reference without an internet connection.
Normally if you want such files, you have to search on Google to get website, then you have to open a websites, and download. In some case, opened site may not contain such files or there may not be an option to download.

Here I am going to explain a tip to download pdf (Portable Document Format) or ppt (PowerPoint Presentation) or doc (document) or swf (small web flash file) file directly from search result.
  • First of all, open Google via your favorite browser
  • Now type your key words in search box.
  • Add file type at the end of key words
Syntax: <search query><space><file format>


If you want a pdf file about topic ‘democracy’, then search for democracy pdf

Search result:

direct download pdf file from google search result

If you need a ppt file of topic ‘pollution’, then search for pollution ppt

direct download power point ppt file from google search result

To get a doc format file about topic ‘constitution’, then search for constitution doc
Like this, you can find swf files on google search.

           In our search result, most of them hold a format bofore search result text like [pdf], [ppt] etc. These are our direct download links. Now, if you click on a search result, download process will start soon.
           Here you may noticed that, search result also contains some normal websites without direct download link. If you open such site, you may find download link. But not sure.

           If you want only file formatted search result with list of download links, then you have to customize your search query. In previous method, we added only file format after the search query, here just add ‘file type: format’ instead of file format

Syntax: <search query> <space> filetype:<format>


To get download links of pdf files about the topic ‘democracy’, then search for democracy filetype:pdf
searching files on googles pdf ppt doc

 Search result:

direct download pdf file type from google search result

If you need ppt files of topic ‘pollution’, then search for pollution filetype:ppt

Here search result include only download links


Let us conclude our tips

Methods Method 1 Method 2
Syntax<search query><space><format><search query> <space> filetype:<format>
Example (pdf) democracy pdfdemocracy filetype:pdf
               (ppt) pollution pptpollution filetype:ppt
                (doc) politics docpolitics filetype:doc
                (swf) animation swfanimation filetype:swf

Enjoy this tip in your searching.......

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