Important Instructions for Mobile Phone Users

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        Here are some important tips for all mobile phone users regarding users' security, health and other awareness
15 Instructions Every Mobile Phone User Should Know

After the year 2000, the use of mobile phone has augmented worldwide. There is no electronic device developed using neoteric information technology that influenced  on human history except Mobile Phone. Nowadays mobile phone is not only a communication device but also it can perform almost activities those a computer can do.

We know there are hundreds of uses of mobile phone, like this it has hundreds of misuses. Without our knowledge mobile phone causes many critical issues on our body as well as our life.

If every mobile customers and people are aware following things, then you may shun from those issues.
  • Many study reports indicate that longtime calls causes to many health issues. So always try to reduce the length of your call. If you want make a long term call, then create a note before call.
  • For longtime call, use earphone or headset. If you have a land phone, then use it. 
  • Pregnant women and children should not use mobile phone unnecessarily 
  • Use low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) mobile phone. SAR is a rate of absorption of network radiation by mobile phone. When SAR increases, then health problems increase. So before buying a mobile phone, be aware of SAR. Phone description book or user manual paper contains your phone SAR. Mobile phone company website also provides SARate of all their phone models.
  • Rate of radiation is much more if you are inside 300 meter far from network tower. So try to be more far from mobile towers. 
  • Don’t use mobile phone when you are in a low coverage area or while mobile battery is low. At those times the transmitting power of radiation is more. 
  • Keep mobile phone far away from your body. Keeping in shirt pocket may affect your heart and keeping in pant pocket may affect on reproduction. So, always place phone on your bag while travelling and place on table at office/home. 
  • Don’t use phone while driving, crossing roads, railway track etc. In some country, police realize fine when you use phone while crossing roads. 
  • Avoid unnecessary use of mobile phone in Prayer hall, Hospitals, Exam halls, Theaters etc that annoyance to others. Switch off phone in prohibited area 
  • Be careful while giving your phone to strangers. Always set a security code. If you lose your phone, then he can't use your phone without getting security code (normal case)
  • Be careful while handling anonymous calls and messages. There are so many shams on such calls and messages.
  • Capturing without permission, sharing vulgar files through wifi or Bluetooth and propagating clamors are crimes under IT act.
  • Note IMEI number of your mobile number on another book. If you lose your mobile phone, IMEI number is necessary to identify the phone and other procedures. 
  • Make a backup of all your valuable data often like contacts, messages, notes, videos, photos, etc. 
  • Deleted files can be recovered using advanced and latest software. So be careful while selling your mobile phone or memory card to others. Always save private file on memory card only, then never give memory card to other while relaying your phone.

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