How to Check Whether a Phone Number is Available or Not

Tip Abstraction:
        Using these methods, We can check the availability time or chance of a phone number
          Nowadays mobile messengers has a great role in personal communications. Coming of WhatsApp and Kik replace the role of SMS. Also cost for messaging through these applications is less than cost of normal sms. But voice call is necessary and SMS never replaces the voice call. There are many software which support voice and video calls via internet like Skype. 
       In such call applications, we can know whether the person is online or not. If he/she is online, then he is available for message or VoIP (Voice over IP). But when you use your mobile phone for normal calling, then your caller may not be available due to out of network coverage or mobile phone is switched off or due to other network issues.

        In case of online apps, we can know his availability by looking his status online or offline. But in case of normal phone call, is there any way to know when he/she is available without often calls…? If your answer is ‘YES’, then you may stop this reading, if ‘NO’, then here I am going to indicate a way that may be familiar with you to know the availability of a phone number to contact.
       It is very difficult to call to that person often. Then what is the trick: Send him/her a SMS (short message service), then you will  know his/her availability by getting delivery report of your sms. 


How to know a phone number is available to call contact
  • Take your mobile phone. 
  • Make sure the sms delivery report is ON. 
       Delivery report is a free service from mobile network which gives a notification when sent SMS deliver on destination mobile phone. 
       If delivery report service is OFF on your phone, then go to phone menu, Open Messaging => Message Setting => Text Messages => Delivery reports => Yes/Enable/On (These are the steps on NOKIA 2600c. Setting may be differ in different mobile phones. In almost mobile phone models, Message Setting contains delivery report options.)
  • After enabling delivery report, just create a new sms (may be blank) then send to the number that you want to know his availability for voice call. 
  • Now wait to get the delivery report. When you get the delivery report, then you can call him successfully. 
          If you couldn't see delivery report, you may check on your phone for delivery report. In some old phone, they keep delivery report on Inbox like normal sms, some phones have separate section for keeping delivery reports only.
          If you save all sent items (Message Settings=> General Settings=> save sent messages => Yes) then you can see the status of delivery on your sent items (sign on delivery). 

  • If he/she is still not available for 48 hours, your sms may not be send longer forever. So you need send again another SMS. 
  • If delivery report is off on your phone, then you never get delivery report of your SMS
  • Network problem also cause the missing of delivery reports 
  • Some phone will not save delivery report never, they show only a temporary delivery notification 
  • Some mobile phone network realize extra cost for deliver report service. 
  • If you did not get any delivery report after enabling on your mobile phone, then contact network customer care  for more information.

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