Reduce Image Size without any Software on Windows

Tip Abstraction:
        You can reduce the size and pixel of any image or photo on your Windows without any extra software         Nowadays even government paper application forms are in digital formats in this online eon. Most of applications need digital photograph of you with fixed size. But if you take a photo from studio or using your mobile phone, size of your photo will be larger than their recommended size. Also it may be difficult to keep images with good size and quality on your device. Also it is difficult to upload large size of images to social media sites or messenger applications like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Kik messenger, WhatsApp, etc
        To resize an image, commonly we use any photo convertor or size reducer or we use any online facility to reduce the size of image. 
        Here I am going to describe an attractive tool to resize any image using your Windows without any additional software. Yes, this tool is already installed on your Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or on latest version Windows 9 threshold.
The name of tool is Snipping Tool

Peculiarities of Snipping Tool are:
  • Pre-installed on Windows, so no more installation required 
  • Fast and simple 
  • Can make screen short of any image 
  • Easy way to resize any image 
  • We can control resolution (in pixel) of captured approximately 
  • Supports JPG, PNG, GIF and MHT formats to save images 
  • So you can convert format of any image using this tool 
  • There are options to highlighting and marking with pen with many colors.
Let’s see how to resize your image using your Windows OS without any additional software or internet connection

  • First of all, open the image that you want to resize or convert to another format 
  • Then set the resolution of image using your image viewer like Windows Photo Viewer 
  • Now go to this location: Start => All programs => Accessories => Snipping Tool 
  • You can’t find this location on Windows 8, so in start (menu) search for ‘snipping tool’ by typing. 
  • Then open Snipping Tool 
  • Now Snipping Tool will open and ready to use 
  • If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, now you can cut (capture) from pre opened your image directly. If you are on Windows 8 or in newer version, click on ‘New’ to take a snapshot. 

resize image without any software
  • Cut your image carefully without losing edges. If a captured shot is not good, then try again using ‘New’ button. If you are using this tool for converting image format, then capture full image carefully, but after conversion, you may lose the quality of your image.
capturing screen shot using snipping tool
  • After a successful snip short, click on image of ‘Save’ to save your image with different formats
  • Browser for location to save (Eg: Desktop) 
  • Default image name is ‘Capture’, you may rename. 
  • Select image format type from ‘Save as type’ list box 
  • Now Save.
Convert image format without any software windows

Now size and resolution of new captured image should be reduced.

Disadvantages of Snipping Tool:
  • There is no option to select the quality of image 
  • There is no option to change the color of highlighter 
  • Most of cases, after each highlight, highlight become spread, Power Point highlighter is perfect, also which supports many color 
  • Eraser is not sharp. That erase entire lines or highlight by a single erase 
  • They may include some extra tools for editing on Snipping Tool 
  • Send snip option need extra email program.

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