How to Clear Browsing Data: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

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        Article regards the clearing or deleting browsing details such as History, Passwords, cookie data etc

If your computer is a public computer, your internet browsing details can steal by others. Because your internet browser save all your activities in their memory. That contain your passwords, browsing and download history, form and search history, cookies, cache, active logins and site preference. 
If you browse in internet cafe or in a public computer, then it is very important to clear browsing history.

Let us see how to clear browsing data from different browsers.

Google Chrome:

Nowadays Google chrome is the most using and fast Brower among in this world.
These are the steps to delete browsing data in Google chrome:
In old and new versions, steps are not unique

Method 1: 
  • Setting => Options => Under the Hood => Clear the browsing data. 
  • Select the time gap of history as ‘Obliterate the following items from’ and also select what data to delete like passwords, cookies etc. 
deleting history in chrome browser
  • Now click on button ‘Clear the browsing data’. 
Method 2: 
  • If you can’t see above options on your Google chrome, then try these steps 
  • Go ‘Customize and Control chrome button’ => Settings 
  • At bottom, open ‘Advanced settings’ 
  • In below Privacy section, you can see ‘Clear browsing data’ 
Clearing browsing data in google chrome
  • Now the remaining steps are same as method 1 
Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is the most comfortable browsing in this IT world.
Let’s see the steps to clear your recent history :
  • Click on Firefox Menu => Open ‘Options’. 
clear recent history in mozill firefox
  • Go to Privacy Tab 
  • There you can see a link to clear you recent history 
Remove browsin history in firefox
  • Select time range and select items you want to delete (expand details) 
  • Clear Now… Done 
If you don’t want to remember any history, then you have to select option for ‘Never remember history’ from history section.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer (IE) is the preinstalled browsing software on every Windows OS by Microsoft. But IE is not widely using browser if anyone has any other browser.
How to delete browsing history in IE?
  • In Tools, open Internet options. (Also you can find this option by searching for 'internet options' on start menu search box or from control panel) 
  • There you can find option to delete browsing history. Click on ‘Delete…’ button.  
  • Select items to delete from coming window.
deleting browsing history in internet explorer

If you want to delete browsing history while you closing the internet explorer, then tick on ‘Delete browsing history on exit’.
Their setting has many other options related to saving history and browsing details.

Opera Browser:

Opera is the next popular browser. Opera has a great role in mobile browser development.
Steps for clearing browsing data in Opera:
  • Come to opera menu button, Open ‘Settings’ 
  • Go to ‘privacy and security’. 
clearing browsing data in opera browser
  • There is a button to ‘Clear browsing data’. Remaining steps are same as clearing browsing data in Google chrome browser. 

Safari is another popular browser in both Windows and Mac OS developed by Apple.
These are the steps to remove all visited website details in safari:
  • On their setting menu, open ‘Preferences…’ 
  • Go to privacy tab, there should be button to remove all data stored by website on your computer. 
remove all website details in safari browser

Shortcut to remove all browsing history

There is a shortcut to delete all browsing data without going on above steps. This shortcut works well on almost browser except Apple’s Safari (new version of safari may include this feature)

What is the shortcut: Press Shift + Ctrl (control) + Delete keys simultaneously. Now you should get a small window for deleting browsing history.

Enjoy this tip and keep your privacy......

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