Which is the Fastest Browser in the World

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        Differentiation of different browsers to find the fastest browser in the world

Browsers are mainly using for browsing websites. It is not easy to find a best browser from many browsers. Performance and speed are the most important factors for selecting a best browser. 

In my home, I am using a local Dial up connection. So that, place of fast browser on my computer is very important. So I downloaded and tried many available browsers. I found every browser has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is my study report of different internet browsers:

(Here the time to load the site indicate the time to load the content of my site, I used dial up connection to the test. It is very hard to indicate the speed of a browser using broadband connection. I opened same site many times and this time is the approximately mean of those times.)

Google Chrome

Nowadays Google Chrome is the most popular and most using browser in this world. Because Chrome can load webpages as fast. Google home page has a great role behind of this popularity. That is if you open Google from another browser, then Google will suggest you to install Chrome browser.

  • Fast and reliable by Google 
  • Address bar has a predicate power while typing a search query or a website. 
  • Supports most of HTML tags than other browsers 
  • Causes to restart the entire computer. This is the common and big issue on Windows 7 but not in Windows 8 and above. 
  • Sometimes, restore last session pages will not load never 
  • Some cases, we can’t open some common site like Gmail. 
  • Sometimes, some JavaScript will not work 
Time to load the site: 33 seconds 

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the most comfortable and popular browser on different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac.

  • Most stable browser 
  • Fast, reliable and broadband friendly 
  • Better alignment for websites 
  • They have thousand of add-ones like DownloadThemAll
  • Slower than Google Chrome 
  • Some HTML 5 tags may not be work. (May be work on latest versions) 
Time to load the site: 40 seconds 

Internet Explorer (IE)

Internet Explorer is also popular and more using browser. IE is developed by Microsoft and pre-installed on every Windows OS. But most of internet users do not like IE for browsing. My friend told me, ‘IE is the best browser for downloading other browsers…’ lol.

  • Pre-installed on every Windows OS 
  • New versions are faster 
  • Not a good interface.
  • It is difficult to use their latest versions and not user friendly
Time to load the site: 38 seconds

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon browser is an almost carbon copy of Google Chrome. Because both Dragon and Chrome use Chromium open-source project. 

Comodo Dragon browser

  • We get a feeling of Google Chrome while browsing
  • Fast like as Google Chrome 
  • We can open common sites those can’t open on Google Chrome 
  • Like Chrome, problem of crashing and restarting computer on Windows 7 is also a problem of Comodo Dragon 
Time to load the site: 35 seconds 


Opera is another most using browser. This is the favorite browser of many internet users. Opera has a great role in mobile phone browsers development like opera mini.

Time to load the site: 38 seconds 


Safari is another popular browser developed by Apple. One of my friends told met that the safari is the fastest browser. But I can't agree.

Time to load the site: 41 seconds 

Flash Peak Slim Browser

From my experiments, I found Flash Peak Slim Browser is the fastest browser in this world. As the name, it is a slim browser for loading pages. 

flash peak slim browser


        This has many disadvantages
  • Not stable, browser may crash at any time. 
  • Sometimes, browser can’t load data from a page to another page.
  • Refresh button not works well 
  • If we click on ‘Go’ button, then address will open in new tab without closing current tab. 
Time to load the site: 30 seconds 


Midori is another lite weight browser. But not much faster in all time. 

Midori browser

Time to load the site: 50 seconds 


Maxthon is Chinese oriented browser. It has a good look interface. 

maxthon browser

Time to load the site: 45 seconds 

Which is the fastest browser ? 

From my experiments, Flash Peak Slim Browser, but it is not stable and comfortable. And next is the Google Chrome as well as Comodo Dragon from Chromium projects

Time to load my site using a very local connection on many browsers:
  1. Flash Peak Slim Browser: 30 s 
  2. Google Chrome : 33 s 
  3. Comodo dragon : 35 s 
  4. Internet Explorer 38 s 
  5. Opera 38 s 
  6. Firefox 40s 
  7. Safari 41s 
  8. Midori: 50 
  9. Maxthon: 45 
Which is the best browser ? 

By considering the stability, speed, reliability at a time, Mozilla Firefox is the best browser in this world. If we consider speed than stability, then Google Chrome is the best browser.

Which is the most popular and using browser ?

If we determine popularity of browser by considering the number of users, then Google Chrome is the most using browser and Firefox and opera has second and third position in usage.

Here is the screenshot of my site analytics that shows visitors' page views by browsers:

pageviews by browsers

  • Based on browsers for Windows OS
  • I ignored Lynx Text based browser.
  • My experiments are may not be correct. You can take the final judgement

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