How to Make a Screenshot without any Sofware

Tip Abstraction:
        This article contains some tips to take screenshot of image or monitor view on Windows operating system For many uses like explaining something using your computer, you might need to capture the screenshot of your computer screen. There may be much software for capturing screenshots. Most of them are costly. If there any free options to capturing screenshots without losing any money, then can you use those tools?

Here I am describing two ways to taking screenshot of your computer display without any further software except Windows OS. 

Method 1:  Using Keyboard Print Screen Key

You keyboard has a key to caputure current screen of your computer monitor. This is the best and common using method to taking screenshots. Some keyboard use the shotcut of the name ‘print screen’ as ‘Prt Scr’ or PrtScn.

How to use Prt Scr Key: 

There is no more procedure to taking screenshot using prt scr key. Just prepare your content or screen to taking screenshot.

After all preparation, just press prtscr key. In laptop, you may press fn (funciton key) with PrtScr key.

Done. Now you can paste that screenshot to anyware.

Note: Your captured images contain the startmenu of your Windows.

If you can’t find the Prt Scr on your keyboard, then search for ‘osk’ (onscreen keyboar) on start menu search box.

Making screenshot using print screen prt scr scn button

You must see a button named ‘PrtScn’ or Print screen to perform this function.

If you want to capture only opened active window, then press ‘Alt’ + ‘PrtScr’ keys. This image excludes other background windows, task bar, etc.

In Windows 8, if you press ‘Windows key’ (win) + ‘PrtScr’, then captured imaged automatically saved to your ‘Pictures’ folder.

Note: Shortcut using Prt Scr button 

In your Windows, there is a high contrast theme called ‘High Contrast Black’,

To activate this theme, just press ‘Shift’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Prt Scr’ keys simultaneously. From given message box, click on ‘yes’ button.

Method 2:  Using Snipping Tool :

I already wrote an article about using snipping tool for cropping and compressing images without any software. We can use same tip for making screen shot of your computer screen.

How to open Snipping Tool: 

  • Windows 7, 9 and Windows Vista: 
Follow this path: Start => All Programs => Accessories => Snipping Tool

  • Windows 8: 
Open Start, type ‘snipping tool’, your search results should have snipping tool

How to make screenshot using snipping tool: 

In windows 7, by opening snipping tool, tool is ready to capture. Just capture your screen by drawing rectangle using your mouse.

In Windows 8, you have to click on ‘New’ button, to make screen shot.

In New button, it contains 4 types of capturing tool.

4 tool types in snipping tool

  • 1. Rectable snip:
This is the default snipping type. Using this snip type, you can make rectangle shaped screenshots.

  • 2. Free-form snip: 

Using this tool, you can make screenshot with any shape that you drown by a free scissor. So you can use this tool like a cutting tool.

  • 3. Windows snip: 

As the name indicates, this tool is made for capturing any window. After selecting this type, just click on a window, now your windows successfully captured.

  • 4. Full screen snip: 

This tool creates screen shot of your entire screen like pressing of print screen button that we learned earlier.

Saving images created by snipping tool: 

After capturing a good screenshot, then click on save button icon or take ‘file’ => ‘save as’ 

Capturing screenshot using snipping tool

Now you have to browse location for saving your captured image.

Default name for file is Capture, you may rename. 

saving captured images using snipping tool

Different formats are available for saving your files as JPEG, GIF and MHT (Single file HTML)

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