Instructions for Debit or Credit card Users for Internet Transactions

Tip Abstraction:
        You should aware with these 15 instructions, else you will lost your money from your bank. Everyone may steal your money at every time
            One day, I bought a Samsung printer from a computer shop at 6000 INR, after two days, I checked the online rate for my printer model. I understood that there are 500 INR difference from offline market. So I lost my 500 INR.

What are the advantages of online marketing? 
  • Low cost than offline marketing. Save up to 50%
  • Most of product support cash on delivery. So you can save time and travelling charge. 
  • You get fresh box piece of product 
  • International warranty may be there 
If you are a patient fellow, then internet marketing is much profitable than local offline town marketing. But online shops will not deliver your product at same day of your request. This is the main disadvantages of online marketing.

Nowadays most of local shops support card transactions using their card reader. But if you are using your card details for online or offline transactions, you should aware of these things

  • Be aware of 'Backoff' virus 

What is 'Backoff' virus? 
Backoff is a dangerous virus that steal debit or credit card details by accessing business sales software 'Point of Sale' (POS). This virus works on Windows operation systems and spread though local networks. By accessing on Point-of-Sale, they steal Name and Number of credit card, CVV code, expiry date of card etc while transaction. After stealing those details, virus convey those details to hackers server. So they can simply make transactions using your card.
  • Use effective and updated Anti-virus software. Cyber security department says it is very difficult to catch and destroy Backoff malware by anti-virus. Most of people use free anti-virus for personal and business use. Both in free or business edition, always update your anti-virus regularly. 
  • Use genuine version of Windows OS. Mainly backoff virus affects and works on Windows OS. Original OS version has some extra power for security. Also update your OS regularly. Instead of Windows OS, you may use Linux or Mac 
  • Don’t use cracked software on your business computer. Crackers can add programs codes for stealing your data. 
  • Don’t use software produced from local company or company which  has no registered certificate. Avoid installing useless software on your computer. Also be careful installing. many software also install another software without or with your permission.
  • Always turn on your Windows firewall. Windows firewall actively protects your computer. 
  • Don’t visit websites which are not believable. Also don’t register on such site using your original details. They may misuse your details. Also they may send many mails to your registered email id. 
  • Make sure transaction site is the original site by looking address bar. Make sure they have https instead of http. Phishing is an hacking activity, there hackers create exact same page of your transaction site. By entering your data on fake page, they steal your secret information.
security tips instruction for online transaction
  • Don’t download attached files sent from non familiar email. If you any doubt on email attachment that from familiar email, then don’t open. Because any one can send emails by setting any email as sender id. 
  • Always use virtual keyboard while typing secret details like password, CVV code etc. if virtual keyboard is not available on those site, then use your Windows on screen keyboard. 
  • If you found any your secret data were stole by someone, then immediately change your password or contact with your bank branch
  • Don’t write secret information like password on debit or credit card. Also don’t write on your diary without converting to secret code
  • Change secret information often those are allowed to change. 
  • Never share your secret information with anyone. If necessary then immediately change after its use. 
  • Always be aware of security information and instructions from cyber security department and bank. 

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