How to Mark and Highlight On Image

Tip Abstraction:
        These are 3 ways which are used to highlight the content or some part of an image. One way does not need any software without a Windows OS
If you want to post a picture on social network sites like Facebook or Twitter you might need highlight some area of picture. Like this, if you are going to taking a seminar or if you want to add a picture to your site or for any other needs, you may need to highlight some parts of images to get the attention of others.

There are so many tools to highlight images. Here are some simple ways to highlight images with fewer efforts.
Using Snipping Tool

Windows introduced snipping tool from Windows Vista version. Their latest version Windows 10 still has snipping tool. Snipping tool is usually using for making screenshots. I already wrote articles about snipping tool as a screenshot making tool and image size reducing tool. You know, snipping tool is a default tool on every new version of Windows. So you don’t need any further tool to highlight images using snipping tool.

Let us see how to highlight images using snipping tool
  • First of all, you need to open the image that you want to highlight. 
  • Now we have to open snipping tool. How to open?
    Windows Vista, 7: Start => All programs => Accessories => Snipping Tool or search on start menu search box.
    Windows 8, 8.1=> Search for snipping tool in start menu search box.
    Windows 10: Search on start menu search box. 
  • After opening snipping tool, capture the image using snipping tool without losing edges. In Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 you need press New button to capture image.
    (This post explains everything about capturing images using snipping tool). 
  • After successful capture (actually screenshot, you may lose the quality of images), take the highlighter tool. See the image 
highlighting images using snipping tool
  • Now your mouse pointer becomes a yellow highlighter. Now you can highlight any place on image. 
  • See I have highlighted I’m Feeling Lucky button of Google home page. 
Working of highlighting images using snipping tool
  • After successful highlighting, you have to save the images. If you have any mistake on highlighting, you can use Eraser tool (top right) to remove highlighting. 
  • Use save button or follow File => Save. 
saving snipping tool images
  • You can save image with many type of formats that I explain in previous article
  • Chance to lose image quality. 
  • Not a clear cut highlighting. Highlighted ink may spread after highlighting.
  • Undo is not available except Eraser option. 
Using Microsoft Office Power Point
  • Open images on Power Point 
  • Start slide show (Slide show menu => from begging or from current slide) 
power point slid show from beginning current slide
  • Now move mouse pointer to left bottom. Now you can see a pen icon. Clicking on pen icon shows a menu, that contains highlighter tool. 
pentool and highlighter option in power point
  • Take the highlighter tool and highlight on the part of image. (See I highlighted the sky area) 
  • After successful highlights, press Escaper key (Esc) two times or end the slide show. 
  • Now power point should ask you a question: 'Do you want to keep your ink annotations?' Choose Keep option. 
Do you want to keep your ink annotations
  • Now you have to save slide as an image. Go file => Save as => select jpg or gif as type of save. 
  • Choose current slide only to convert current slide to image. 
  • You need Microsoft office power point. This is not a freeware 
  • You can’t undo the highlight using Ctrl + Z. If you want to undo, then you need to start slide show again without keeping ink annotation. 
Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Open image using photoshop 
  • Create a new slide 
  • Select area that you want to highlight using Marquee Tool or Pen Tool or Lasso tool on new slide.
    (Here I am going to highlight forest area using Photoshop). 
  • I selected forest area using Pen Tool 
  • Press Ctrl + Enter 
  • Fill color using Shift + backspace or Ctrl + backspace 
  • Take Blending Options of new slide where you draw and filled color. (Right click on slide)
opacity of highlighting images using photoshop
  • Adjust Opacity until to see the forest area inside the highlighted color.
highlighting images using photoshop

  • Perfect highlighting with many color.
  • Photoshop is not a free software.
  • A little bit hard to understand if you are a newbie with Photoshop

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