How to Make My Computer icon on Desktop

Tip Abstraction:
        Normal Windows desktop does not contains icons of Computer, Network etc. Here you can learn how to make such icons on desktop
Except Windows 8 and 8.1, we get computer desktop at the start up of computer. Because desktop is the entrance to all part of computer memory, programs etc. Normally when we install a software, it creates a shortcut on your desktop. 

You know, Windows XP was the most acceptable OS by Microsoft. If we install XP on computer, after booting our desktop contains default icons to My Computer, Network, User Files, Recycle Bin, etc… But in modern operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, we can’t find such a icons on desktop.

If you are familiar with Windows it is not a difficult thing to open such options without a desktop shortcut. But newbie can’t open My Computer (Renamed to Computer in Windows 7 and in 8 and My PC in Windows 10), user files, network etc.

So let us create a shortcut for Computer, Control panel, etc on your desktop (not a trick):

In Windows Vista and Windows 7:

It is very easy to create computer or control panel shortcut in Windows Vista and 7.
  • Click on Start button. 
  • In start menu, at right side you can see computer and control panel as menu items. 
  • Right click on them. From given list, choose ‘Show on Desktop’. 
Showing my computer icon on desktop of Windows 7
  • Now icons should be on desktop. 
In Windows 8, 8.1 and 10:

In Windows 8, 8.1 start menu is not available and Windows 10 has start menu, but links to computer and control panel are not available. So you should follow this method. This is also the way to show Network, Personal files folder, Recycle bin icons on desktop even in Windows 7 and Vista.
  • Right click on desktop. 
personalize of windows desktop
  • From given context menu, select ‘Personalize’. If you can’t see, then open personalization from control panel. Now your computer Personalization will open. 
  • At left top, you can see a link named ‘Change desktop icons’. Open it. 
change desktop icons in personalization
  • Now desktop icon settings will open. There you can choose which icons should show on your desktop such that Computer, recycle bin, Network etc. 
desktop icon settings in control panel personalization
  • Select icons those you want to show on desktop. OK. Done.
How to open this icon?

  • Just press ‘Windows keykeyboard windows key   + ‘E’ from keyboard. My computer window should open 
Opening Network:

In your computer folder, there is a shortcut to open Network (Left bottom). 

network shortcut from my computer folder

Also right clicking on network icons opens all network settings. 

Open Network and sharing center from desktop

Opening Control Panel:

Your my computer window has a link to open Control panel, also direct access to Uninstall or change a 
Control panel and uninstall or change a program from my computer

Opening Recycle Bin:

You can create recycle in shortcut by following method also:
  • Right click on desktop. 
  • From given context menu, New => Shortcut 
  • Give explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder as the location of the item. 
  • And name with Recycle bin instead of explorer.exe. Finish
  • Now you may change the icons to recycle bin icons by taking the properties of the recycle bin shortcut.
  • Recycle bin tips here

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