How to Install Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 from Pen Drive

Tip Abstraction:
        This post shows how to make a pendrive bootable and ready to install Windows OS versions like Windows 7,8,10 via USB
                 To install old Windows operating systems like Windows XP, we should get its installation CD Rom. But latest operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, etc support installation from USB drives like pen drive. Installation CD becomes dirty faster, so the USB installation has a big role in OS installation area. Also new type of notebook computer has no CD player, so USB installation is necessary. 

This article shows how to install Window Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 from USB drive like Pen drive, memory card, external hard disc etc. 
Here for workings example,  I take Windows 10 Technical Preview as OS and my 8 GB pen drive as USB drive. First of all, I have to make your pen drive bootable with Windows 10 Technical preview.
  • Here I downloaded Windows 10 Technical preview from their official site.(It is free) ( Note that you need compressed type of OS like ISO. 
  • You need a tool called Power ISO to make pen drive bootable. So download Power ISO from here ( It is their free version from official site. Also some other tools available to make bootable USB drive. I recommend Power ISO.
If you want to create an iso image of your installation disc, then
  • Put installation disc on your drive. 
  • Open Power ISO 
  • In Tools tab, open Make CD/DVD/BD Image File… 
make cd dvd bd image file power iso tool
  • Select your drive as Source drive 
  • Select Destination file type as iso (recommended) and browse the folder you want to save the iso file. 
make cd dvd  bd image file power iso
  • Then OK. It might take some minutes. 
This is the way to back your bootable CD on your computer. You can write this iso image file to CD also USB drive using same Power ISO tool.

Creating Bootable Pen drive using Power ISO 
  • Run Power ISO as administrator 
  • In tool menu, open Create Bootable USB Drive…
    (If you opened Power ISO without administrator power, then they will ask you to get admin power) 
Power iso create bootable usb drive
  • Now browse and locate to your iso file of OS that you want to make bootable as Source Image File. (Here I selected WindowsTechnicalPreview-x64-EN-US.iso). 
  • Select your USB drive (eg: pen drive) as Destination USB Drive. Most probably Power ISO detects your pen drive automatically. Make sure your USB drive has enough space to keep OS files. I strongly recommend minimum 8 GB sized pen drive. Before starting these steps backup your files on pen drive to another drive; creating bootable pen drive will lose all your data. 
  • Now click ‘Start’ button. Then Power ISO will ask you a confirmation about overwriting all data in pen drive; just agree by pressing OK button. 
creating bootable usb drive using power iso

Now you have to wait about 4 to 15 minutes according to the size of OS and speed of USB drive. 

writing os to pen drive using power iso

After successful writing, you will get a confirmation message. 

Writing USB drive successful power iso

Done. Now your pen drive is a USB bootable device.

Usually computer boot your hard disc to load installed operating system from hard disc. If you want install OS from CD, you have to boot CD drive as first. Her we are going to install OS from pen drive, so we should boot USB drive as first.

How to Boot Pen Drive (USB) at start up: 
  • For permanent booting from USB, open BIOS while staring computer (press F2).
    Go to Boot menu, change priority of booting from hard disc to USB drive. 
  • For temporary booting from USB, press F10 while start up. Select USB drive (You may see your pen drive name or USB drive name). I recommend temporary booting method. 
Now your pen drive will start to boot with OS installation setup. All remaining steps are like installing  of OS from CD.

Here is the article describes how to install OS step by step with screenshots.


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