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        This is a short review regarding the new Windows version Windows 10. Also contains some errors and suggestions
         Windows XP was the most acceptable and comfortable Operating System developed by Microsoft. But change in era and invention of new technologies like touch monitor, they compelled to release new Operating Systems like Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. 
        But, Microsoft didn't get much acceptance to those OS like XP. It may be due to the features of OS may not meet the taste of users. To overcome all problems and getting much acceptance from users, Microsoft going to release Windows 10 shortly. They released its Technical preview on 2014 September 30. Actually Windows 10 is the combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

       I conducted a small study with Windows 10 Technical Preview, and this is the report of my study. This includes new features, Tips, Tricks, errors, and suggestions to Microsoft (Actually I am not a man to suggest to Microsoft).
  • New Stylish Start Menu: 
This menu is the combination of start menu of Windows 7 and metro style menu of Windows 8.1. So in 10, when we click on start button, we get both start menu and metro menu.

Window 10 new start menu with metro style

Remember that Windows 7 had a start button and Windows 8 had not a Start button, now 10 has start  button.
  • Multiple sets of windows' views: 
If we open some programs and folders on our Windows, then current view is the view of windows of all maximized programs or folders. But here we can make more view of such maximized programs.
multi views of progrms in Windows 10

             Set 1: view of songs of new and odd
             Set 2: view of videos of personal and devotional
            Set 3: view of pictures of your journey and natural
  • Supports shortcut keys on Command prompt. 
          Windows does allow normal short cut keys like Ctrl + C for copying until Windows 10. Now it is very easy to use CMD on Windows 10.
  • New view of My Computer: 
           Like Window 8.1, they renamed Computer to My PC. We can open My PC by pressing Windows key + E. Here our personal folders like Pictures, videos, Desktop, documents, etc are considered as drives. You may collapse or expand these options according to your interests.

  Tip: How to hide a hard drive
  • Home button for Explorer: 
home  button and folders on Windows 10

They renamed ‘Libraries’ to ‘Home’ like Linux. You can explore your folders by expanding Home button.
  • Position of Power button: 
          Position of power button on windows 7 was on bottom right of the start menu and on windows 8, it was on the right charms menu that shows when we move mouse button to right top/button of desktop.

position on shutdown restart power  button in Windows 10

 But in Windows 10, power button located on right side of the start menu. A variety position to shutdown and restart.
  • Right charm menu is also available: 
          You can show the right menu by moving mouse to right top/button of desktop. If you can’t, just press Window key + C
right charm menu on Windows 10

        By pressing Window key + I, you get setting menu. It also has power button. 

second power button and settings on windows 10
  • Close button to Windows default applications: 
          From Windows 8, they introduced some default applications like Music, Video, Weather, News, etc. But if we open those applications, we can’t find close button to exit. We closed such applications by dragging application top to button. In Windows 10, there are buttons to close and minimize. Also there is a button on left top to get old view of full screen. 

close button to fullscreen windows applications
  • Alarm, Stop watch and Timer: 
         Windows 10 consists features of Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer. By searching on start menu, you can open all these features.
  • Touch keyboard: 
 touch keyboard in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a new touch keyboard for touch monitor. You can open this by searching or right click on start bar, open Toolbars => Touch keyboard. 

opening touch keyboard in Windows 10
  • New type of calculator: 
     In new type of calculator, consists 3 types of tools such as Standard and Scientific calculators and a converter. 
Standard and scientific calculator and converter in windows 10
  • Easy to add a folder to Favorites: 
In each folder, file menu contains a button to make folder to favorites. 

add to favorites in windows 10
  • Advanced Search results: 
         Search result on Windows 10 shows results from internet if you with an internet connection.
  • Changes in icon images: 
          Like Window 8.1, icon images of My PC and Explorer have changed.

  • More Graphics and sharpen Edges
Consist more sharpen edges for windows. I also felt more graphic while viewing images and playing videos like Mac.

  • Error with Skype:
         Windows 10 consists Skype messenger has a default application. When we open Skype without an internet connection, then we can't close it. We become a cycle of Skype. I tried to exit Skype by ending process of Skype on Task manager, but that causes only minimizing of Skype.
  • Cancel button is not working
           In ‘Turn windows features on or off’, if we cancel enabling the .net framework, cancel button does not work.
  • Unknown item
           In start menu, there is an unknown item name TrayItem. 

trayitem error on windows 10
  • Error on Stop Watch
           In stopwatch tool, half of laps and split times are viewable.

laps and split stopwatch time
  • Display auto adjust problem
         Windows does not adjust monitor size without display driver. So my Windows 10 is more widen than default. But all previous versions adjust.

  • Solving all errors listed above 
  • Create a default shortcut of My PC (My computer) on desktop. 
  • If we open stopwatch, it has a default stopwatch without adding a new one. But in case of Alarm and Timer, we should create a new Alarm and Timer. I suggest open a default Alarm and Timer without adding new one (user have to set time and make it on). 
  • Comeback of Desktop gadgets. Every one like desktop gadgets introduced on Windows 7. Tip: How  to make gadgets on Windows 8 and 10.
These discoveries are based on my experience with Windows 10 Technical Preview for a little time. If you find more features, errors and suggestions, then write down below..

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