How to Make Calicut University Online Payement

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        This article shows step by step description regarding the online payment of calicut university
How to Pay Calicut University Payement or Fees Using Instant e-chalan

Let’s forget the queuing on bank for taking DD for paying tuition fee, examination fee, union fee, etc in Calicut University. Now Calicut University is the first university in Kerala which supports payments though instant payment systems.
Now university does not accept DD type payments. But they will accept your bank DD If your money source is from educational bank loan. You can make local payments at Togor Nikethan by filling normal chalan and paying on counter. But you should follow new methods of payment to pay different types of university fees.

Let us see the steps to pay your payment:

instant payement link in cu site

instant pay link in calicut university

On this page, you can see a form to fill with some details.
  • From purpose combo box, select the purpose for your payment. Be careful while selecting the purpose. Some purposes are same as to another purpose.



So make sure the selected purpose is exact same your payment purpose. If you got any mistake, you may lose your money.

instant payment filling personal details

  • After selecting purpose, you have you enter the ID NUMBER/+2 REG NUMBER/DEGREE REG NUMBER/OTHER NUMBER. Selecting purpose may fill ID number automatically, it may be NIL. Or if you have other ID Number, then type on corresponding box.
  • Now you have to type your name on ‘Name’ box. Your name should be exact same as registered name on university. If there is any problem about fee payment, then you can’t prove with payment proof if the name is incorrect.
  • Select your date of birth from combo box as date, month and year order. Make sure the date birth is same as your SSLC book, not birth certificate (for some people date of birth on SSLC certificate and birth certificate are different)
  • Now you have to type your full address on Address box. Here dot or columns not allowed. If your type any dot, then your all typed date will lose and Address box become empty.
  • Type your correct and working Mobile number and email id on corresponding boxes. Site says further communication will be made on given mobile number and email id.
  • Next, we have to choose the mode of payment. There are 3 methods of payments. SBT Online, SBT E-Chalan and Friends/Akshaya E-Chalan.
  • Select which method you want to pay. (Let us discuss each method later).
  • In next box, Type the amount that you want pay to university. This should be same as your fee amount.
  • Now accept the agreement by ticking on small box. Agreement says, you cannot edit the details once you click the PROCEED button. Make sure all the entries made are correct. Yes I have checked the details including amount (Rs.) and found correct. Please proceed for payment.
university sbt chalan payment amount

Payment Methods:

SBT Online

mode of peyment in calicut university chalan

This is the way of internet banking or net banking that is popular on internet for internet market purchase. Here payment amount transfers from your account to university account directly.

  • After clicking on Proceed button, you will get another confirmation page.
  • Confirm and proceed.
continue payment

  • Now this method support only NetBanking using State Bank of Travancore. But late they may include debit card and credit card transfer options.

Proceed to pay now

  • Click on Pay Now button.
  • Now website of SBT will open. Login with your username and password. They will ask you to transfer fee amount in next page.
  • Confirm transfer. You may face mobile verification for successful transfer.
confirm payment in sbtonline site
  • After successful transfer, you will return back to university site.
Redirecting to university site
  •  Now will get the receipt of successful transfer
e chalan reciept calicut university
  • This receipt is your E-chalan or proof to payment. You have to dedicate this proof on office as payment receipt
sbt e chalan copy to print
  • You have to print this. If there is no printer, you have to download it. If you can’t download, then press ‘Ctr’+’S’ keys to save as a pdf. Then you can print from shop.
print e chalan calicut university
Advantages of this method:

  • Simple and Easy among other methods
  • No need to go to bank or Akshaya/friend centers. Anyone can do with an internet connection without going to anywhere.
  • Your bank should be SBT (State Bank of Travancore)
  • You should have internet banking facility with your SBT bank account. If you haven’t, go to bank and ask them your username and password. You will give you username and password kindly.
  • Your bank should have enough money to pay. If you haven’t, go to bank and deposit enough money.
  • Tip: This method is not much secure if you are on a public computer.

SBT E-Chalan
payment through sbt e chalan

This is the next simple method of transferring money. Here you have to pay your money like DD.


  • After filling all details, select SBT E-Chalan payment method, press Proceed button.
  • Now you will a page to print. After printing, you have to go to any SBT branch (SBT university branch recommended) with printing. They should get an inform according to your internet request.
  • You have to pay the money on bank counter. They will sign on your printed paper.
  • Your printing paper should contain 3 parts. One is for bank, one is for you and one is for university as E-Chalan receipt.
sbt e chalan copy to print

Bank will take their part. You have to give the university part to office and keep your part of paper piece safely as payment receipt.

  • Simple to pay without internet banking facility.

  • After filling and printer the form, bank gets your request after 6 hours to 2 days (Normally 6 hours). This prolongation may cover your fee paying time.

Friends/Akshaya E-Chalan

Payment via akshaya friends

  • After filling you have to go to any Friends/Akshaya Center. You have to pay the money on there and they will give the payment receipt.

friends akshaya e chalan

Akshaya Center near to University: Kohinoor (1 km from university, Chelari road)

Friends: Calicut

Another popular method:

  • If you haven’t any idea of filling form and paying money, then just go to an Akshaya center (Kohinoor center recommended). They will fill all forms with your details, but you should know the exact purpose of fee.
  • Internet cafes and some online solution shops also provide all fee payment services with print out.

Here you have to pay the fee amount there. Extra charges apply (eg: RS: 50 or 100)

Instructions for revaluation and Supplementary Exam fee payments

  • You should pay extra 15 rupees for application form.

  • If you want to pay payments for 2 papers revaluation, then you have to pay 1015. (2*500 + 15 = 1015).

You need Security code and chalan number to register for revaluation or retest for back papers. Your entered email and phone number should get those details. 
  •  To get SMS for each payment: open this link and type the chalan number.

how to get sms calicut university fee payment

getting sms in university e payment

 You will get SMS within 10 minutes

Post credit to Fareedha Shafad

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