Using Animated Images as Desktop Background

Tip Abstraction:
        Like setting animated wallpapers on mobile phone, you can also set such video or animation on your desktop with these steps

set video as desktop background

           Normally Windows support only still images as desktop background, but support animated images as screensavers.

           Can you think about animated desktop background like mobile animated live wallpapers?

            But it is possible to set animated images, videos as Windows desktop background. But not through a direct way, so most are not aware of this tip…

              This is not a trick; DreamScene is a software which enables to set wmv, mpeg, or mpg videos as desktop background. After installing this software, you can select and apply as desktop background like assigning images as desktop background, which works in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

How to do? 


  • Download the software from this DreamScene Seven site. (You may wait some time to begin the download) or Try here  
         Note: Avira reports first file. So you may download from Softonic.

Install the software.

Steps for installation are separate according to the downloading site and file.


You have to restart the computer or log off and log in or just restart your explorer.exe. No more running required to work DreamScene.

Setting video as Desktop background

Setting a video as you desktop background is exact same of setting an image as desktop background. That is, select a wmv or mpeg or mpg file and right click, from given context menu choose ‘Set as desktop background’.

set video as desktop background


How it works?

They didn’t reveal the secret of this software. But I think, they run videos behind the desktop with sound mute and make desktop icons and functions in front of the video.


I can’t download DreamScene:

If above links are not working, then search on Google and find another download link.

Downloaded; but I can’t install:

Try to download from another site, be aware of some virus on the file.

Installed but I can’t find the menu (Set as desktop background’) on context menu:

Restart the explorer.exe or log off or restart your computer. If still not working, then uninstall and reinstall from another site’s file.

Windows DreamScene cannot start:

Windows DreamScene can only run when Windows Aero scheme is selected. Right click on desktop, select ‘Personalize’. Select any Windows Aero theme from default seven themes.

DreamScene cannot start Windows theme

Then retry.

Transparent Desktop icons:

Right click on desktop, select ‘Personalize’ -> Desktop background.

changing desktop background

Select Picture location as ‘Windows DreamScene’. Select both images.

Windows Dream Scene desktop icons

 Save changes. Again set a video as desktop background. This method works in some Windows.

How to set Gif animation as Desktop background?:

Use any free gif to mpeg or mpg or wmv converter and set the output video file as desktop background.

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