How to Stop Getting Sparm Email in Gmail

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        If you are worried about getting sparm and unwanted email, you may interested with these steps, which blocks or delete such emails
            Spam and junk emails are common in email inbox. Most of them are advertisements and known and unknown social media notifications. Some of senders are very strange to us. One day, one of my friends complained about his mass unwanted emails in his inbox. When I check his inbox, I found there hundreds of junk mails. He swore that he had not registered on their sites. They what caused such useless emails?

These are some reasons of getting unsolicited emails:
  • Advertisement: Some sites convey registered email to email marketing agencies. And they sell email list to advertisement companies. So be careful while registering on various sites. 
  • Social media notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube etc send regular emails to their users. 
  • Email subscription: If you registered on any site for email updates, that may also fill your inbox. Some sites also send you regular email updates since registration. 
These are not only the reasons. Anyway, let us see how to block such emails forever without any software.

Method 1:

This is the easiest method to stop unwanted emails forever. How can it possible? If are you getting some unwanted emails, then there should be a way to unsubscribe from those. Your junk email also contains an option to stop such emails. That is, most of such emails contain a ‘Unsubscribe’ or ‘Change Preferences’link at the end of the email (with low sized font).

Unsubscribe link on email

If you open that link, their site will open with an unsubscribe button. In case of social media site, there are advanced email notification options.

Method 2:
Direct Unsubscribe or Manage Notification

Some sites need to login to unsubscribe, or if you can’t find such ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘Change preference’ link, then you should try this method.
  • Just log in to the site. Go to setting
  • There should be an option to manage email and sms notification.
  • Disable them according to your needs.
Method 3:
Auto Deleting Junk emails:

If the first two methods are not applicable, then we should receive emails. So blocking or auto deleting is the  way to remove them. We can filter and delete incoming emails automatically.

Here are the steps to filter and delete selected emails in Gmail.
Note: Here all my steps are according to Gmail basic HTML view.

Getting Gmail Basic HTML view:
While loading the Gmail, choose the 'Load basic HTML' link.
Loading Basic HTML view in Gmail

Steps to filter and delete:
  • Step 1: Go to Gmail Settings
Gmail setting to Block spam mail
  • Step 2: Go to Filter tab
Filtering gmail mails
  • Step 3: Create new filter
Create new gmail filter
  • Step 4: Now you will get a form to create new email filter. Here in ‘From’ text box, type the email address that you want to block.
    Email to block

     In this view of gmail(basic HTML), it is easy to get email id of sender.
Email sender in Gmail Basic HTML view
  • Step 5: Proceed to ‘Next Step’.
  • Step 6: Now we have to filter emails those come from above mentioned email. Here we wish to delete such emails, so select ‘Delete it’.
  • Step 7: Create filter. Done.
Filtering and deleting emails in gmail

From now on, if you get such emails, Gmail automatically filter and delete before reaching to you inbox. That is you never get those emails on your inbox.

Method 4:

This method applicable if you don’t want to delete such email, but you don’t need them on your inbox.
This method is also a filtering.
  • First of all create a label by going:
  • Open Setting (See method 3, step 1)
  • Labels.
  •  Create a new label with any name. Now label is ready.
Creating label in Gmail
  • Now repeat Method 3. (Step 1 to Step 6)
  • But in step 6, instead of selecting ‘delete it’, select ‘Apply the label’ and select label name from the list (Here I selected 'Amazon'). Then press ‘Create filter’.
Labeling email in Gmail

Now on left bottom of Gmail inbox, you can see a list of labeled emails. If you open this, you can see the label emails those are hidden in inbox.
Label list in Gmail

Method 5:
Reporting as Spam:

No need to describe this method. Select an email, then press ‘Report Spam’ button. If you do this action for same email often, Gmail will move those emails to your spam folder automatically.

if you know more methods, just convey to our readers...

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