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        These are some tips to speed up your android smart device like Mobile Phone, Tablet, Smart Watch etc. Let us try, working
            Nowadays Android is the most popular mobile phone and tablet operating system among people. We can perform almost computer activities on an android device using deferent apps. If our android device is slow, then we will be angry. If it will be hand then wall will be?. If you are careless about your android device, then that may make slow your device soon. 

Reasons of Slowing an Android DeviceInsufficient RAM 

RAM (Random access memory) is a memory where program runs. If there much programs run simultaneously, that causes insufficient Random Access Memory.

Over Work of Processor 

Processor is a device on mobile phone and tablet which executes and run all apps including your android operating system. If there many apps' processes are running, then processor has to manage all apps processes successfully. So much process management causes android hangs and slow.

Insufficient cache memory

Cache memory is a memory in between RAM and processor. Cache store temporary and often and important data. All apps are using cache memory, and if the availability this memory is low, it causes phone hangs.

Viruses and useless apps 

Virus can slow down your device quickly. If your device is rooted, then virus can do anything with your device. Some uncertified apps contain viruses. Also some useless and quality less apps affect your device badly.

Excess writing of memory 

If you download much data to your device, your device cannot accept much data according to the high downloading speed, because the writing speed of memory is slow.

Insufficient memory space in device 

Some apps need extra space for its proper working than RAM and cache memory. If there is no much space in device, that causes hanging the device.

Not updated firmware and apps 

Most of apps need regular updates for its proper working. Also device android version also needs updates. To adjust with current internet world and apps, firmware needs updates. So lack of update causes slowing device.

Bugs or error in Apps 

If any bug or error occurred in an application, which may cause hang down your entire device. If your device is rooted, that may affect more badly.

Over Graphics like Live Wallpaper

Apps those use much graphics may cause slowing device. Because others apps cannot works with phone graphics hardware.

Tips to Speed up your device:

Above I wrote some important reasons that cause phone slow and hang. If your phone or tablet is slow, then the reason may or may not be one that listed above. Here are some treats for your slower device. I don’t know the correct reason of your device hangs and slowing, so I am not sure that these will boot up your device speed. But you should try these:
  • Uninstall Unwanted AppsThis is the primary solution for your problem. This is also applicable to speed up every device even   computer. No need to explain more about this solution again, because this is the solution that everyone say. Just go to ‘Setting’ => Application Manager => Select an unwanted and useless application => Uninstall.
    Uninstall an android app
  • Stop the running of apps those are using occasionally 

    If you press or tap on back button to close an application, then that may not exit and that may still running as a background app. WhatsApp, Hike etc are such application, those are running behind your device even you are not using. So just exit them (I am not say that WhatsApp and hike are occasionally using apps).
    You may exit them by going ‘Setting’ -> Application Manager -> Select an application to stop-> Force stop.
    Force stop an android Application
    This may not work with all apps, so you can use third party software like Advanced Task Killer. This software also provides disabling automatic running of apps at startup. 
  • Clear Cached Memory

    I said already how the lack of cache memory causes phone hangs. Every apps use cache memory. You can clear them by going ‘Setting’ => Application Manager => Select an application to clear cached memory => Clear cache. You can use special apps to clear cached memory. Just search on play store.
  • Clear Unwanted RAM: 

    There is no direct way to clear unwanted RAM, just search and find any RAM cleaner from play store. 
  • Free some memory in device: 

    I said why we need some free memory on device. Just move your files from device memory to SD card. And set download location to SD card. You can also move installed apps to SD by going: ‘Setting’ -> Application Manager -> Select an application to move to SD card-> Move to SD card.
    Move to SD card android app
  • Use High Class Memory Card

    Device memory is limited and external memory card is essential to every device. In case of memory card (SD card), ‘class’ denotes their writing speed. If your memory card class is 10, that support 10MBps of writing speed. So always buy and use high class (high speed) memory card.       Minimum: greater than or equal to class 10.
    Use high class SD card in Android
  • Use third party software to browse files

    I found default file manager and gallery are slower. There are many free file managers available on play store. I recommend QuickPic as an image and video browsing app. 
  • Update Firmware and Apps 

    You can update your device android OS by going: ‘Setting’ => About device => Software update => Update. (You need internet facility).
    Sometimes, android may ask you to update installed apps, just confirm and install together. Else, just search app's name again on play store, there you can see ‘Update’ button instead of ‘Install’. 
  • Disable Live Wallpaper 

    Live wallpaper is very nice to see, I like it. But it uses some fixed amount of RAM always. It causes slowing your device. They also consume your battery.
  • Remove extra Widgets

     If your mobile desktop (home screen) contains much widgets, then just limit them with essentials. Remove occasional widgets like weather and add them when you need.
Even More:

If you have any idea about an app that causes hangs, then uninstall or update it.

Be careful while installing uncertified apps. You know, even Google certified apps store contains virus affected apps. Be careful while using rooted device. In a rooted device, apps get ultimate permission on you device. They can do anything with your device like deleting all your data forever.

If all above tips are not working, then finally you can do ‘Factory reset’. Setting => Backup and reset => Factory data reset.

Note that, the steps that I explained for different activates (eg: Clear cache, Factory reset, etc) may change in difference mobile phone and android version.

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