How to Make a Call in WhatsApp Messenger

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        Let us see how to make a call using new Whatsapp version without any penny of money with Internet facility
                 In this communication world, messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, hike etc have a great role. Before some months Facebook was the most popular messenger, but coming of WhatsApp, hike, kik decreased the use of Facebook. This has many reasons. We are not going discuss those here. Before some months, hike introduced unlimited voice call over hike. I think calling facility on hike compelled to start this facility on WhatsApp. After long announcement, now WhatsApp started calling facility primarily for android.
To get calling facility on hike, you just need update hike with latest version. But to get same facility on WhatsApp there are some more conditions.
  • Update WhatsApp with new version.
  • You should attend a WhatsApp call.
Update WhatsApp with new version:

I heard from news that we should need a latest version of WhatsApp. So I updated my WhatsApp from Google Play Store. But after attending a WhatsApp call from my friend, I could not find call facility on my WhatsApp. One day I found some external links of WhatsApp app that work well.

Link 2:

Link 3:

Link 4:

I tried first link, which was successful.

You no need to remove old WhatsApp version. Just open new downloaded file and install. While installing they ask two options ‘New’, ‘All’. Select ‘All’. Then install.

Now just open your WhatsApp. You can’t find any changes now.

Attend a WhatsApp call:

I don’t know why they made this condition. At invention of Google Plus, we had to get an invitation to start Google Plus. I think this method is just a demand to increase popularity and discussion of WhatsApp. If just updating opens this call facility, then you never read this article.

I told you that, I had a WhatsApp call from friend, but I did not get the call facility then. After updating using above link, he again called me. Then I got this facility. Now my WhatsApp interface changed  with new 3 tabs named CALLS, CHATS, CONTACTS.

new whatsapp call interface

Also call button showed on chat window:

Call button on whatsapp chat

Then I called many of my friends to give this call facility. WhatsApp call has very clear sound even in low 2G internet.
I cannot call everyone who read this article. Now many of people have this facility. If you are in any WhatsApp or Facebook group, there may be many have this facility. Just ask in group and find someone to receive and attend a call.

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